Monday, June 20, 2016

Britton is 9 Months Old!

Our baby boy turned 9 months old today. He was supposed to have a well-check but his momma got the time of the appointment mixed up, so he got his first hair cut instead!

Here's our big guy pre-hair cut when he was still excited to be sitting in a helicopter. The stylist commented on how cool his hair color was, like a natural ombre.

Britton did not enjoy getting his hair cut and screamed and wiggled the entire time. But the ladies at Shear Madness were amazing. One wrestled him down while the other blew bubbles which calmed him down for a little while.

After his hair cut, I was anxious to get him home to take his nine month photos. I mean, look at how handsome he is! But taking his picture has become more and more challenging as he has gotten more mobile and his brother and sister have become more wild. 

He's very loved, if you couldn't tell.

People usually say he looks like his cousin Everett, but I think he his new do makes him look more like his older cousin Carter.

Oh, hello handsome. Why did it take us so long to cut your hair?

Besides wooing us all with his new look, Britton is crawling (you can tell by how red the top of his feet are in the photo above) and pushing out his first tooth. He also loves to clap and watch TV (all concerns about the TV killing brain cells are gone by the third kid) and has conquered his fear of the bathtub and the pool.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Britton is 8 Months Old!

Our littlest one turned 8 months old yesterday and in an effort to pause time, I'm finally doing a blog update on him.

I just love this curious, almost crawling, scooting everywhere stage and I find myself often wishing that he didn't have to grow up anymore. We're planning on him being the last baby and I don't have the hopes of another little to snuggle to get me through this first year where everything changes so quickly. The only thing I can do is try to soak up as much of his littleness as I can.

Britton is 8 months old and finally (FINALLY!!) sleeping better at night. We've been doing the dream feed and it seems to be working. 

Everyone asks me if he is always happy and for the most part he is. As a third child though, he has gotten used to always having someone around and he has begun crying when we leave the room. But other than that, he's a pretty content lil' guy who loves to play and wrestle with his big brother and sister.

Addy enjoys playing the big sister role, looking after and "taking care" of her baby brother, but Britton really likes her obnoxious 5 year old behavior which can always make him laugh out loud.

Britton is also very loved by his big brother Remi even though Britton has a tendency to look past him (as pictured above). Every once in awhile though, Remi will do something that makes Britton chuckle.

At 8 months, Britton isn't crawling yet but he gets around pretty well by rolling or scooting. His scoot is pretty funny as it's not really a scoot, but more like and army crawl where he gets up on one elbow/forearm and throws his body forward, pushing off with his feet. His brother and sister are starting to get more protective of their toys as he gets more mobile. 

 Another notable milestone is that Britton has become quite the eater! After a stint of throwing up any purees I made him, we gave the Baby Led Weaning method a try and he's loving it! He will usually join us for every meal now, munching or gnawing on bell peppers, pork chops and chicken. This afternoon he even had some cheese slices with the big kids.

He's just a sweet, happy little guy who probably needs a hair cut soon.

Floppy hair, don't care.

He loves the feel of the tile and can somehow scoot himself all the way across the living room to it.

I usually find him sleeping on his tummy and when he is working on falling asleep he puts a blanket over his head.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Addy is Almost 5!

Miss Adelyne will be five {FIVE!!} in just a few days. Typically I look forward to new stages with the kids and I don't tend to get too emotional or sad at birthdays but this one seems a bigger deal. I'm finding myself making mental notes of all her tendencies and jotting down the cute things she says.

Our conversation at lunch the other day was sweet and encouraging to my heart:

Mom I made up a song, it's called follow Christ

Do you know what it means to follow Christ?

It means to obey

Right and it means we believe he's the son of God and he died for our sins and because of that we get to go to heaven 

Hey! When we go to heaven we will get to see Lola

That's right

I can't wait for that day

"Follow Christ," as mentioned above, is one of two Addy Originals so far. Her other song is called "Jesus Died on the Cross," and although it is basically the same phrase over and over, it has a catchy little tune that gets stuck in your head.

Mom, take a picture of me next to this flower

Besides making up songs, my favorite thing about Addy at this age is that she loves to make cards for people. From thank you cards to get well soon cards, she is always finding someone who she thinks should get a card in the mail or hand delivered and I love how she seals the envelopes with a sticker or piece of washi tape, much like her momma. 

Addy has always been a fan of the snow and in February, she and her Dad took ski lessons for the first time. She enjoyed it and we are all excited to be able to ski as a family soon.

Addy is a great helper with her brothers and also likes to help out in the kitchen and is getting more and more responsibilities around the house. She's especially great at switching the laundry loads and putting clothes away. 

In January, Addy started Pre-K. As the newcomer to the class, she is learning how to be brave and make new friends. We've spent a lot of time over the past couple of months planning and deciding on where she will go to Kindergarten in the fall and although it's hard to believe our sweet little girl is that old, we are getting excited for this new phase.

What a joy it has been to watch Addy bloom and grow this past year. We are so thankful for our silly and sweet little lady.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Remington is 2 and a Half Years Old

Today is our little man's half birthday.

He gets older everyday but today seems especially significant because Remi is no longer just two, he's two and a half and to me that's kind of a big deal.

Our two and a half year old is an energetic, busy little guy who never stops talking. He's loud and crazy, always moving and so so funny.

Remi is always ready to lend a hand when his dad is working on a project and he's disappointed when there's no more work left to do. 

A fun fact about Remi is that he loves beverages of any kind. A phrase we often hear is: "Can I try some dat?" You can't fix yourself a cup of coffee or enjoy a soda without him asking for some. And if he is lucky enough to actually get to try something, chances are he's going to like it.

After using his sister's tea cups for a few days, he and his dad decided he needed a "man cup." Now, Remi has afternoon tea in his man cup frequently. Doesn't matter if it's hot or cold, the kids loves him some liquid goodness.

He loves to play with his cousins and friends but is sometimes more content to help his momma in the kitchen. (The stove was NOT on in the photo above)

We hadn't planned on potty training until he was closer to three, but a bad case of diarrhea sped our plans up a little bit and Remi has been a rockstar thanks in part to some new Paw Patrol "unders."

"I call them 'unders' cause we got them at the store."

Makes sense.

When he is in unders, I've restricted him to the tile and he's done a great job of following the rules, even though that means he has to watch Paw Patrol from the dinning room. Did I mention that he is a big Paw Patrol fan?

I got to take Remi on a special Christmas Shopping date the other day. He had an idea of what he wanted to get his siblings and his dad and he wasn't to be swayed. He also insisted on carrying the basket the entire time. "I hold it, I strong." He did a great job of keeping his gifts a secret until today at lunch. I started to tell him something when he cut me off….

"I want to tell Addy something."


"Addy, you can find out on Christmas."

Find out what Remi? Find out what you got me?!?

"I got you a Barbie!"


Another thing about Remington, that I've recently learned, is that he's pretty handy with glue. We made snow flake ornaments the other day and to my surprise, he set at the table for a decent amount of time gluing buttons onto his snowflake with little help from me. 

I'll end this half birthday update with a funny conversation between Remi and his dad:

Remi, whats your favorite color?


What's your favorite super hero?


And what do you want to be when you grow up?


This is a photo from our newborn session with Britton and I think Remi looks especially handsome.

Happy Half Birthday to handsome fella!

Britton is 3 Months Old

Baby Brudder Britton is three months old! 

You can tell that Britton is a third child by the lack of blog posts about him. Don't tell him this but I find it really hard to do his monthly posts since he doest do a whole lot at this point. But I would feel like a slacker if I just completely gave up on them, so this is my attempt to play catch up.

Life was pretty chaotic around his one month birthday, but we did manage to snap a photo with the nice camera though and before that we had newborn pictures taken which I absolutely love. 

Lisa Burke did a great job, didn't she?

At two months, Britton had another trip to the doctor where he got several shots. Of course he cried but I think it might have hurt his older siblings a little more than it did him. They were very sweet to him though and held his hand the whole time. 

Addy helped out with his two month photos. 
"Want to take a selfie?"

And now at 3 months old, Baby Britton is sleeping up to 7 hours at night (hallelujah!!), smiling and cooing and making us fall more in love with him everyday.

Everyone comments on how laid back he is and for the most part it's true. Perhaps it's his personality or he's just easily entertained by the chaos around him. Either way, I'm pretty thankful for him and can't wait to watch him grow.