Saturday, November 15, 2014

Girls/Guys Day

Today Remi got to go on his first Guy's outing with his Dad for a little dude time.

Addy and I stayed in while the boys got breakfast burritos, watched the ducks and geese and played at the play place.

Now to me, a girls day at home involves mani/pedis and crafts that we don't usually get to do with a toddler around. For Addy, it's making a tower out of stamps...

Or lining them up to make sure they all get a turn on the ink.

She's always preferred to organize her crayons or markers or whatever over actually using them to draw something. I wonder what this means about what she'll grow up to be? 

After attempting to stamp some things, she made a necklace for a friend and asked if we could mail it her. I thought that sounded like fun, so we put it on an envelope and walked down to the mail box to send it to her friend. On the way back we collected pine cones, which I thought we'd put in a bowl and use for a fun fall decoration. Addy suggested putting them in a jar, which turned out to be great idea.

Just when I was thinking she might not be the creative type, she comes up with a cute decorative idea and then paints smiley faces. You can't put these kids in a box, they'll always surprise you.