Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday

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1. You asked me to teach you how to put Addy's hair in a pony tail
2. You suggested a change of scenery and a little family time for the weekend
3. We totally rocked our grocery budget this month. Thanks for your help!
4. You're willing to do the grocery shopping and the cooking when the baby comes
5. I love the middle name you came up with if Baby Pearl is a boy

P.S. I love you :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome Summertime!

Yesterday might have been the first official day of summer but here in New Mexico, we've been surviving enjoying summer weather for weeks already. With temps already reaching 100, we've been doing any and everything we can to stay cool.

Matt and Addy just finished up 5 weeks of swimming lessons. They would go every Sunday after church and although we felt a little rushed, it was definitely worth it to see that little smile on her face the whole time. She's going to be pretty bummed when she realizes we won't be going this Sunday. 

"Look Momma! I do it by mys self!"

We've already had quite a few outings to one of our favorite summer places, the Spray Park. The kiddos seemed to enjoy it just as much as they did last summer.

A group picture is hard to get when there are toys involved. This is Addy with her buddy Sophia and Cousin Carter.

Now that Addy is a little older, and totally rocked at swim lessons, we've been going to the pool at "Granmarie's house" a lot more. With her floaties on, Addy can swim the length of the pool and I enjoy floating on a raft while she takes her nap upstairs. We usually bring our lunch and enjoy a nice picnic in the grass by the pool. Getting to see Gramps and Granmaire on their day off is a nice treat too. 

Here I am rocking the swim suite at 35 weeks because that's just what you have to do when your baby is due in July. A big thanks to Miss Crissie for letting me borrow her suite. You are a life saver!

Trips to the Spray park and days spent by the pool; it's a hard life but someone has live it right?

Friday, June 21, 2013

One More Month!

We are officially one month away from my due date. One. Month. 

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

Phew! Pregnancy #2 is kicking my butt! Well, actually my ribs but it's all the same at this point right?

We're about four weeks away (maybe less? fingers crossed!) from meeting our little one and I think I've just about had enough of this pregnancy stuff. My body hurts. As soon as we've reached full term, there will be no reason to lolly gag; this baby can come out as soon as he or she is ready.

Swollen Feet

I hate to complain, but round two has been just a little bit tougher and I think that Matt, Addy and I are ready for this momma to at least be able to walk from one room to the other without moaning. And we are all pretty anxious to snuggle our little one and answer the big question: boy or girl?

Addy was asked twice at the grocery store today if she was getting a little brother or sister and both times her answer was different. We really have no idea what's rolling around in my belly. I don't have any motherly instincts that are pointing me one way or another, so either way, it will be a pleasant surprise.

My last appointment with the midwife was a good one. I only gained one pound since my previous appointment and she gave me a prescription for Zantac to relieve my heartburn and I am happy to say that it is working like a charm! Why didn't I ask for that sooner?!?

This heat has been pretty brutal but thankfully, I have great in laws with a pool who've been generous hosts in letting me and Addy spend our days swimming away! I also have a pretty awesome husband whose taken over the grocery shopping and some of the cooking to give me a break. What would I do without all these great people in my life?

Five for Friday

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1. You went RV park shopping for my parents over lunch
2. Me and Pop Text messages, Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Jokes on Pinterest = "Same Thing!"
3. "I don't want to interrupt you but I have something funny to say."
4.  Breaking Bad is back and it's fun getting into a show with you again
5. When you heard about someone else's good news, you didn't waste anytime in suggesting we drop off a bottle of wine to help them celebrate.

P.S. I love you :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Father's Day Card That Didn't Happen; A Very Late Five for Friday Post

Well Matt, I totally blew it this Father's Day; no gifts, no card, not even a nice breakfast. I'd like to play the pregnancy card here but I think I've used it as an excuse a few too many times lately. Will you settle for a public apology and a public profession of love instead? 

I have to start off by saying that you didn't ask for either of these things and you even told me that a relaxing morning in the backyard was better than any gift. That's just another reason why you rock but I  would hate for a Father's Day, or even a day, to pass by without you feeling loved and knowing how much Addy and I appreciate you.

Thank you for being a loving patient husband and an awesome father. There's a reason why Addy talks about you while you're gone and screams bloody murder when she has to take a nap and would rather play "castle" with you. 

So with that said, here's a little list of why we love you:

1. You've done the grocery shopping two weeks in a row which has given me a nice break
2. Every time I complain about my body hurting, you just tell me I'm doing a good job and am almost done
3. You do a great job at "living with your wife."
4. Last night, you got the ice cream out for me before I asked.
5. I love going to church with you and living that part of our life together too.

Happy Belated Father's Day, I love you.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Towers and Sand Pies

Addy has been all about Curious George for a long time. It's usually her first choice when she gets to watch a show and we've seen both Curious George and Curious George 2 the movies many, many times as well as every Curious George episode.

Thanks to the PBS Kids app on our ipad, we're onto something new; Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's a cartoon spin off of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and Addy loves it. The episodes are only about 10 minutes long so Addy has watched the 4 episodes on the app several times. The first time she watched one, I asked if she wanted to watch it again and she said: "Yes! He's my friend!"

It's crazy to see how the show has influenced the way Addy plays. In one episode, the characters try to build a tower with blocks. Addy asks to build a tower, or a "towel," everyday now and the other day she came up to me and said "I stand next to tower, you take picture?" 

So, here we have Addy in front of her "baby" tower.

We just got a new DSLR camera and I think it makes Addy look about a year older. Who is that pretty girl leaning on my ottoman?

In another episode, the characters make sand pies. I'm pretty sure that Addy had no idea what a sand pie was before watching this show but the other day I walked into her room and she said "Look what I made! A sand pie like Daniel Towel (Tiger)! You tend eat it, not for reals."

Addy's sand pie consisted of a round block (also used for building towers) with three bracelets wrapped around it. 

"I make sand pie for you."

We've also watched an episode where Daniel Tiger has a sleep over at a friend's house and sees something in the dark that scares him. Now, Addy has to sleep with her closet door closed and I move everything away from her night light so that there aren't any weird shadows. Had I known what that episode was about, we probably wouldn't have watched it.

Over all though, I think Daniel Tiger is an improvement on George. They sing fun little tunes like "Just keep trying and you'll get better" that Addy sings along to and the main character isn't constantly getting into trouble. Now, if they would just add more episodes to the app.

What shows are your kiddos into? 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Six for Saturday

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1. Another Saturday, another hot summer day spent working in the backyard while your girls stay cool inside.
2. Thank you for working so hard to make our yard look nice
3. You have me hooked on checkers and Blake Shelton songs
4. You get just as excited as I do about my parents coming into town
5. You asked if I needed a deadline for finishing my quilt
6. You thanked me numerous times for handling the insurance fiasco

P.S. I love you :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

33 Weeks and 2 Days

I don't have a creepy self portrait for you today, just this photo that gives you a little glimpse of what I've been up to nesting-wise.

The quilt is coming along. The only step left to do is the border. I had enough fabric left over to make a pillow and some burp cloths. I've completed one (very tiny) crocheted blanket and picked out some cute going home outfits.

Addy and I went to the Baby Doctor again on Thursday. We like to make fun little outings of my appointments and this time Addy to got hear the baby's heartbeat as well her own. 

Little Baby Pearl is spending most of her time practicing to be a gymnast. This little one moves much more than I remember Addy moving and sometimes its actually pretty painful, but it's also a good sign that all is well in the womb.

When I'm not dodging little kicks, quilting and chasing after my energetic two year old, I'm putting my feet up and fighting off heartburn. My energy level has been low lately and even though I've always had chubby ankles or "kankles," I'm pretty sure my feet have been swollen a couple times. My fingers have also felt a little fuller lately, which I think might have something to do with the heat, but either way, I've given up wearing my wedding ring until after the baby comes.

That sweet little thing will be here before we know it and we're trying our best to be ready. We ordered a new camera last night and I've started a packing list for my hospital bag. We're not going to let him or her catch up by surprise again this time.

May in the 505

May has come and gone. Sumer is here. Life is good in the 505. 

These monthly recap posts might not be the most exciting thing to hit the blogesphere, but I love looking back at them and they are super helpful when making family yearbooks.

So, with that said, here's a little look at what we were up to this past month.

 Giggles with Dad // Miss Julie and Baby Colton came to visit // Riding the Merry Go Round // Addy got a bike // Watching Golf // Our Little Gardener

Lunch date at Target // Bubbles with Granmarie // "Look at me Momma!" // Coffee Date with friends // Swimming Lessons // Sweet Girlfriends

In addition to play dates, swimming lessons and a new bike, Addy got to spend 4 days in Las Cruces with her Gran and Papa where she went on coffee dates with Papa and planted flowers with Gran. I would share some of those pictures too but my computer is freaking out, so that's all for now.

Happy June friends!