Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome Summertime!

Yesterday might have been the first official day of summer but here in New Mexico, we've been surviving enjoying summer weather for weeks already. With temps already reaching 100, we've been doing any and everything we can to stay cool.

Matt and Addy just finished up 5 weeks of swimming lessons. They would go every Sunday after church and although we felt a little rushed, it was definitely worth it to see that little smile on her face the whole time. She's going to be pretty bummed when she realizes we won't be going this Sunday. 

"Look Momma! I do it by mys self!"

We've already had quite a few outings to one of our favorite summer places, the Spray Park. The kiddos seemed to enjoy it just as much as they did last summer.

A group picture is hard to get when there are toys involved. This is Addy with her buddy Sophia and Cousin Carter.

Now that Addy is a little older, and totally rocked at swim lessons, we've been going to the pool at "Granmarie's house" a lot more. With her floaties on, Addy can swim the length of the pool and I enjoy floating on a raft while she takes her nap upstairs. We usually bring our lunch and enjoy a nice picnic in the grass by the pool. Getting to see Gramps and Granmaire on their day off is a nice treat too. 

Here I am rocking the swim suite at 35 weeks because that's just what you have to do when your baby is due in July. A big thanks to Miss Crissie for letting me borrow her suite. You are a life saver!

Trips to the Spray park and days spent by the pool; it's a hard life but someone has live it right?

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