Monday, June 20, 2016

Britton is 9 Months Old!

Our baby boy turned 9 months old today. He was supposed to have a well-check but his momma got the time of the appointment mixed up, so he got his first hair cut instead!

Here's our big guy pre-hair cut when he was still excited to be sitting in a helicopter. The stylist commented on how cool his hair color was, like a natural ombre.

Britton did not enjoy getting his hair cut and screamed and wiggled the entire time. But the ladies at Shear Madness were amazing. One wrestled him down while the other blew bubbles which calmed him down for a little while.

After his hair cut, I was anxious to get him home to take his nine month photos. I mean, look at how handsome he is! But taking his picture has become more and more challenging as he has gotten more mobile and his brother and sister have become more wild. 

He's very loved, if you couldn't tell.

People usually say he looks like his cousin Everett, but I think he his new do makes him look more like his older cousin Carter.

Oh, hello handsome. Why did it take us so long to cut your hair?

Besides wooing us all with his new look, Britton is crawling (you can tell by how red the top of his feet are in the photo above) and pushing out his first tooth. He also loves to clap and watch TV (all concerns about the TV killing brain cells are gone by the third kid) and has conquered his fear of the bathtub and the pool.