Monday, January 12, 2015

Addyisms {Vol. 7}

This little lady has absolutely been stealing our hearts lately. 

One moment, she's driving us nuts with her endless amount of chatter and procrastination at bed time but then in an instant she's said something ridiculously sweet or silly and we're wrapped around her finger.

I wish that I had been doing a better job of writing down all she's been saying because this volume of Addyisms is a little slim compared to all the cute and adorable things she been saying and doing. 

The other day, she was having coffee with her Dad in the playroom and they had a conservation that went something like this:

Hello, how are you?
Good, my husband is at home with the kids
Oh, what's your husband's name?
Umm, Matt
Oh and what does he do?
He's a hard worker
But what kind of work does he do?
He buys money for us

There was also another conversation from the playroom that I over heard recently that warmed both Matt and my hearts. Matt was playing with one of her dolls and had taken on the roll of "Ashlyn," complete with a silly high pitched girl's voice and Addy was inviting Ashlyn to church.

So what do we do at church?
We learn about Jesus
Oh, tell me about Jesus
Well, he saves our souls.

One of my favorite things about Addy lately was how sweet and thankful she was on Christmas. I made her a baby carrier and a few things for her baby. She knew exactly what the carrier was when she opened it up and proceeded to tell us how much she had wanted one. "Thank you! Thank you!." After we tucked her in on Christmas night, she came out of her room to go to the bathroom, on her way back to bed, we heard her say down the hall: "Thank you for the baby stuff." It was the sweetest thing and we were so thankful for her happy heart. 

Addy has never been that into coloring or drawing (she prefers to line up crayons or markers and then pretend that they are people), but lately she has gotten into drawing smiley faces and snowmen. She can also write the letter "A" when she is in the mood. 

She loves to play Mouse Trap and Candy Land and has declared red to be her new favorite color. No more orange. 

In a few months she will be four years old but she "can't wait" until she's five so she can go to school. She's also pretty anxious to be married and to be pregnant and have babies, which is sometimes just a little too much for this momma to handle. 

Dear Addy Grace, please stop growing up so quickly.

Remington is 18 Months Old

Our big little guy turns 18 months old this month, which is just a little unbelievable right?

I guess it shouldn't be that hard to believe since he no longer does anything like a baby anymore. He's a full on one year old going on four. 

Remi has been going through a development spurt. He's growing and changing and saying new words everyday. Although it's hard to see him grow up, it's also really exciting to see him bloom. Matt and I often talk about how far advanced he is compared to Addy at this age and other kids his age without older siblings. Sometimes people will comment on how well he walks or how independent he is and it's all because he has a big sister to keep up with.

This little guy adores his big sister. He's her shadow, literally. He's not content until he's sitting right next to her, sitting exactly as she's sitting. She is his biggest role model and he is her biggest fan always making sure, she gets a snack when he does. It's so sweet to see how he's already looking out for her.

He also loves to wrestle with his Dad, who will throw him on the couch or shoot Nerf guns at him only to have Remi come back saying and signing "more." But if he does get hurt, he always asks his Momma to kiss it away.

So far, we've heard Remi say the following words:
Ah-ee (Addy)
Help (I was pretty excited about this one, no more grunting when he needs something)
Bottle (This is interesting since he never used one, he calls his sippy with milk his bottle)
Side (Outside)
Eez Eez (Please)
Sid (Currently, their favorite show is Sid the Science Kid)
Papa and sometimes we can get a good Gran out of him

For the most part, he can understand most of what we tell him and is good at following direction when he feels like it. 

One of the quirkiest things he does that I can think of at the moment happens whenever someone comes home. He is insistent, insistent, on whoever has walked through the door to remove all jackets, scarves, purses and shoes. He's also insistent that they be put on the bench or hung on the hooks by the door. 

The other day I came home from an early morning workout at the gym and heard him from his crib. When I went in to get him up, the first thing he did was point at my running shoes and then proceeded to direct me towards the bench. 

He will also retrieve my purse for me if he thinks it's time to go, dragging it down the hall. 
He's pretty cute and also kind of helpful.