Monday, July 15, 2013


Yesterday, Addy woke up from her first night spent in a big girl bed. She did great until Mom went in to wake her up, scared her and she fell off the bed onto her butt.

Yesterday we enjoyed a hot, sunny afternoon at the pool with Gran, Granmarie and Gramps. Addy, who's always a happy girl in the water, was just giddy to have so many of her favorite people in the pool with her.

Yesterday, only hours after leaving the pool, we watched the rain pour down in our backyard. It was such a nice evening, with the windows open, watching the lightning and listening to the thunder. What a blessing the rain will be to this dry New Mexico desert!

Yesterday marked 39 weeks with Baby D still in the tum tum. I honestly didn't think I would be pregnant this long. Thankfully, God is in control and I am learning to trust in his timing.

Yesterday, we went to bed with hearts full from a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend. Waiting on a baby can be somewhat consuming and Matt and I both enjoyed the time we had together, and with family.

Yesterday was a good day.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Little Addy Update {Addy-isms Vol. 3}

Since things have been kind of baby-centered around here lately and I'm not sure when I will get the chance to do this again, I think this is the perfect time to change things up a bit and post a little update on Miss Adelyne.

This little lady has been a joy to be around lately. 

She's growing up quickly, talking all the time and always surprising us with something new. Even though she's had her share of the terrible two moments, she's also been super sweet and caring.

She's had a rough week, breaking in a molar and fighting off fevers. I wouldn't be surprised if she woke up a foot taller tomorrow, she's been sleeping so much. Even though she's been dragging, she hasn't been grumpy and I've actually enjoyed some of the extra snuggle time.

Her little imagination has really taken off and she loves to play pretend. She'll go on frequent trips to the grocery store, located at the front door of our house, and come back with all sorts of things, even knew Mommas. 

She's turned into quite the little fish and loves to be in the water. The last time we were at the pool, her Dad and Granmarie would throw her into the water. Even with her floaties on, she would go under water for a while, but it didn't phase her one bit. She loved it.

This is a typical Addy stance. When she's trying to tell a story or explain, she'll tilt her head to the side and cross her arms in front of her.

I've done my best to keep up with cute or funny things she's been saying, but it keeps getting harder and harder as she talks more. Below are some of the things I've been able to write down:

Addy: "I see a big rock!"
Matt: "That's the mountain"

"You do the ho pokey!"

"I'm a sweetie, not a sweetie pie."

"Happy Father's Day Dada! Happy Father's Day Dada! Happy Father's Day Dada...... You wanna say Happy Father's Day to me?"

"You still playin' checkers? 
Ok, my dog want to play too."

"I give you a shot, this is the shotter."

(Singing) "Hmmmmm, hmmmm makin' somethin' for my Mom! Hm mmmm makin' coffee mmm hmmmm."

When she was sick I told her I couldn't share my water because I had to deliver a baby soon and couldn't get sick. She replied with "And I help you take care of the baby?"

"I'm gonna spread my wings and fly like a bird!"
I told you she was growing up quickly.

Oh and yesterday she sang Happy Birthday to me, like the whole song. It was precious!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Five for Friday

Matt, it's the end of another week. I'm tired, you're tired, so I'll just keep this one short and sweet. I love and respect the way that you have been leading our family in finding ways to better manage our money and fit a new car into our budget. I wish that making grown up decisions didn't have be so trying. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into it.

You've been a trooper with this pregnancy and I appreciate your support. Hopefully our indian food date will do the trick and you will get to meet your newest little one soon. I hope they have your eyes and sense of humor.

P.S. I love you :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

38 Weeks and Maternity Photos

We are 38 weeks along now. 

Miss Adelyne decided to enter the world at about 38 weeks so I'm beginning to feel a little anxious, wondering when this little one will decide to make his/her appearance. 

At the baby doctor on Friday, I found out that the baby has dropped! I've also been having a lot of contractions so hopefully it won't be much longer. 

Other than the baby getting into position, not a lot has changed since my last update, besides my weight (40 pounds total, yikes!!!), so how about I take this opportunity to show off the maternity pictures we had taken recently.

Our friend, Trent, took the pictures and I think he did a great job. You can check out his website here.

Even with bugs swarming in her face, Addy was champ at taking pictures. The baby giraffe that "Misser Hunter" had in his pocket might have helped a little. 

Weeks later, Addy is still talking about going to take "pishas with Misser Hunter" and the other day she told me to put my hand on my belly so she could take my picture.

Love this one!

Thanks Trent for capturing our growing family in precious pictures that we will cherish.

Go check out his website,

Also, visit my Etsy Shop where you will find Addy's hair bow for sale.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 4th in Photos

Swimming, friends, sparklers, Popsicles and fireworks, you can't get much more American that.

Hope you all had a great holiday!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Five for Friday

Check out other Fridays here.

1. You've bought me several milkshakes over the past couple of weeks.
2. You were the fun dad in the pool yesterday.
3. Having good friends years from now is important to you
4. 4th of July with you is the best
5. I can't wait to have another baby with you.

P.S. I love you :)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Pout Pout Fish

On a recent trip to the library, Addy and I checked out The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen. I had read online that it was a good book for toddlers so we gave it a shot.

The book ended up being one of our favorites. We've since returned it but based on the number of times we read it, I could probably quote every line.

It's about a fish with a pouty face who is encouraged by all his ocean friends not to be so down cast all the time. He responds to each one saying that all though he'd like to be different, he simply can't help it.

"I'm a pout pout fish
with a pout pout face
so I spread the dreary wearies
all over the place.

I'm afraid I've become the Pout Pout Fish.

I haven't kept it secret that pregnancy number two has been a little harder than the first one was. I've done a lot of grumbling and complaining the last couple of months. Matt and Addy have probably gotten the brunt of it but I haven't hesitated to tell anyone else who asks exactly how I feel. I figured everyone probably wants to hear about how I had a cold for two weeks or how just walking is a struggle and my hands hurt when I wake up in the morning. After all, I am pregnant and don't I deserve a little whining time? Blub, bluuubb, bluuuubbb!

Ugh! I hate to think about how ungrateful I have been this pregnancy, all the while trying to encourage my two year old to have a joyful heart. I should have been preaching to myself!

At the end of the book, a shinny silver fish comes along and plants a kiss on the fish's pouty face and suddenly he realizes that he'd had it wrong all along.

"I'm a kiss kiss fish
with a kiss kiss face
for spreading cheery cheeries
all over the place!"

So, yesterday, after whining on the phone to my Mom once again, when I really didn't feel that bad, I decided that I'm done being the Pout Pout Fish. No more spreading the dreary wearies, I'm going to be all about the cheery cherries! 

"Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thess. 5:16-18

What better day to have a change of attitude than the 4th of July when we get to celebrate America's independence with swimming, hot dogs, watermelon and fudgeciscles? 

Happy 4th friends! Thanks for putting up with my grumpiness. Hopefully, it won't be a theme around here anymore.  

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." 
Romans 12:12

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June in the 505

There's one word that comes to mind when I think of the month of June: hot.

Thursday was probably our hottest day yet. My car was parked in the shade for about an hour and when I got in, the temp read 120. Yikes! It's been so dry that the National Forest has been closed, which is why our 37 week celebration picnic didn't work out. Thankfully, it looks like we might get some rain this week.

To stay cool, we spent a lot of time at the pool, made a lot of milkshakes and stayed in doors for the most part. Here's a little glimpse of June in the 505:

Little Blondie // Yardwork // Storytime with Gran // Hanging with Baby Everett // Stretches with Gran // Photo by Addy // Shopping with Dad // Watching the lawn get a hair cut // "Tending to take a nap"

Life with Addy, we love this girl!

The whole gang, can't wait to add another kiddo to the mix!

Happy July everyone, hope you are finding ways to stay cool!

You can check out what we were up to last June here.

Monday, July 1, 2013

37 Weeks: Full Term!

As of yesterday, I am 37 weeks pregnant. We are officially full term which means that little Baby D can come whenever he or she is ready. 

We attempted to celebrate the big day by playing hooky from church and going on a family picnic in the mountains only to find out, after driving all the way up there, that the forest was closed. After several failed attempts at accessing anything that resembled a picnic area, we decided to head home, grab our suites and hit the pool.

Addy didn't seem to mind the change of plans at all and enjoyed watching the cars go by as she ate her granola bar on the side of the road. She even said "This is fun!"

Even though our plans didn't work out, we ended up having a great day of fun in the sun and came home beat! 

Addy and Baby Everett by the pool. She is going to be a great big sister!

After a much needed nap time, all three of us got the nesting bug. Matt got out boxes of baby stuff that we had been storing in the garage, washed the car seat and set up the pac n play. I washed all the baby blankets and little mint green, gender neutral onesies from when Addy was born and Addy "tested" all the baby toys. 

I think it's safe to say that we are officially ready for baby!

We are also officially in the "waiting for baby" phase of pregnancy. After getting out all of our baby stuff, I found it a little hard to sleep last night, thinking about the little one coming soon and I was certain that almost every little pain I felt could be the onset of labor.

Although I would love to meet him or her sooner rather than later, we have a date night planned on Wednesday that I would really like to make it to. And then there's the 4th of July, which I'm looking forward to celebrating with friends. So, if I were in control, which we all know I'm not (thank goodness!), I would have the baby come this Saturday while Matt is home and my Mom is hopefully here. Doesn't that sound ideal?

Coffee date with my little lady on our way to the grocery store. I don't know how many more of these we will have before the baby comes so we're taking every opportunity we have.

Last week, I felt better than I have in a while but I'm moving pretty slow this week. Prayers for strength and endurance during these final weeks would be appreciated. Thankfully God is in control of this whole process and I'm finding more and more these days that all I really need to do is rest in him.