Monday, December 30, 2013

Remington is 5 Months Old

Our little guy turned five months old and celebrated his first Christmas all in the same week.

Needless to say it was a busy week for us and I only managed to snap a few photos in between packing and cleaning. (We spent te holiday out of town).

Here are a few facts about our little mister:

He's busy and curious, never content to just sit in someone's lap anymore. He likes to be spread out on the floor where he can work on his rolling. He rolls onto his stomach as soon you lay him down but isn't quite yet rolling all over the room. 

He thinks he wants to sit up and is working on his abs, lifting his upper body to see what is going on. 

He's also starting to act like he might want some real food pretty soon but I'm holding him off as long as possible. I'm just not ready for that milestone quite yet.

He's very easily distracted when it comes to eating, especially by his older sister, so we usually retreat to his room to nurse by ourselves.

He got his own room this month! He's such a big boy and we all feel a little more normal without a baby living in our closet.

His favorite people are Addy and his cousin Carter. Seriously though, you just say Carter's name and Remi starts to crack up. Sweet, sweet cousins. 

Everett and Remi still don't know what to think of each other quite yet. I'm sure they will be good buddies.

Next month he will be half a year old. Half. A. Year. Where has the time gone? 

Happy Five Months Remington!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Six for Sunday

1. You made some yummy potato cakes on Christmas morning
2. Thanks for the moose head and the wallet and the pjs! You did good 😉
3. I love how you talk things out with me and share what's on your mind
4. Your focus this Christmas was making sure our focus was on Christ. Thanks for leading our family in that way
5. Thank you for working hard for your family this year. 
6. Here's to another year of fun family memories of growing together and learning to love better. 

P.S. I love you :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

'Tis the Season

Tis the season for watching the snow fall in your pjs,

for kid's vanilla steamers with a straw,

for sleepy snuggles and warm hats.

Tis the season for looking back on blessings from years before.

Tis the season for overindulging,

for sweet lil' bald spots

and for busy, messy houses.

Tis the season to read by the fire side,

or play under the tree.

Tis the season for making memories and starting new traditions.

This has been a busy holiday season for us this year. Even during the business, I think we've done a better job this year than ever before on staying true to the real meaning for the season, thanks to our sweet two year old and her love for the story of baby Jesus. I'm so thankful for her active mind that's so willing and eager to learn. 

We've had a busy month, our calendar is full but so are our hearts.

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

After a couple months of acting like he was going to and then a couple weeks of not sleeping (I have no idea if the two are related), Remi finally rolled over! 

Aw! Sweet little guy was so proud of himself. It was the attraction of his sisters unattended toys this morning that did it for him.

Look at him reach. 

His first milestone!

You just need to figure out how to sleep through the night now buddy.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Remington is 4 Months Old

It was a cold, gloomy day here in the 505 on Remi's four month birthday. We had the lights on in our house almost all day and I had a hard time getting any good pictures of our wiggly, always moving, little guy.

The good news though, is that Mr. Blue Monkey made it out of Addy's room. When Addy saw that Remi was playing with his sock monkey, she ran and grabbed her's so they could play together. I prefer to keep these monthly posts about Remi (Addy got her own) but I think this photo is too cute not to share.

Pajamas and sock monkeys

This is a typical Remi look these days. He likes to suck on everything, including his bottom lip.

I just posted his three month post a couple weeks ago, but it seems like since then Remi has changed and started to do more. He's still not rolling over but has started to grab and hold onto things. He's become very curious and aware of the world around him, preferring to stroke my face or watch football rather than eat. 

Here's a fun four month fact: Remi loves to watch TV.

Even though he doesn't seem to be quite as interested in eating as he once was, he's sleeping well and seems to be growing. We will get a better feel for how he's doing at his four month well check on Tuesday.

 For now, happy four months Remington!

Hopefully this gloomy weather will go away soon so we can get some better photos next month.

Check out months one, two and three here.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

This is Addy {Addy-isms Vol. 4}

This is Addy. 

She's a sweet little girl and always very helpful. 
"I like helping. Sometimes I help people make kids lunch, sometimes I help change babies diapers and getting pretzels!"

Addy likes to eat cereal in the morning and juice in the afternoon.  "This is deewishus! This is amazin like blueberries!"

"Let's cheers together!"

Addy loves to play pretend. She likes to pretend to talk on the phone, usually while sitting on the couch with her legs crossed. "Hold on kid, I'm talking to Gran right now. Hellwo? I just eatin supper Gran. Maybe you can come sit with me sometime. Bye"

She's very good at reasoning.

"I'm sorry mom. I'm sorry I didn't share my candy with my friends. Maybe since I didn't share I can have some when we get Home"

And she gets concerned about her loved ones safety.

"Have a good trip! Be careful. Don't drive too fast. Momma drives so fast sometimes."

She likes to have fun, but she can be serious too. "Mom, let's talk together. Let's talk about having lunch."

One day, Addy went to visit Granmarie. Granmarie works for an eye doctor. Addy loved getting to see Granmarie and all the fancy machines.

When it was time to leave, the doctor said: "Goodbye princess! You are such a princess." Addy waved goodbye and said, "I'm not a princess I'm a kid."

Silly Addy.

Inspiration for this post taken from the book Curious George Rides. You can check out other Addy-isms here.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

October in the 505

October is a great month to live in the 505.

First morning of the fiesta we walked to the park// Remi's first balloon experience // hot air balloon // spotting balloons from the backyard

Having a little chat // my handsome men // holding his head up // addy reading to Remi

Cousins 4 months apart // thinking about rolling over // addy likes to be as close to me as possible while I nurse Remi // bundled up to watch the balloons

Last weekend of the fiesta with Uncle Perry and Aunt Nic // my brother and my babies // Remi and Dad // keepin warm

Girlfriends at the park // hello playful // such a good helper // me and my bot

bed head // bath time for Remi // girls night out // me and my kiddos

selfie // mamaw and her great grand kids // fall painting // getting ready for Halloween

Remi and I usually spend the early mornings together and he used to always fall asleep so easily in the quiet. He doesn't do this much anymore

Grandma Jo came to visit, Remi was his charming self

My "little cooker" and Remi the Rat from Ratatouille 

Remington is 3.5 Months Old

Our (big) little guy turned 3 months old.... 3 weeks ago. Oops! I'm a little behind. Better late than never though right?

You can't look at this picture without smiling.

Even though I'm tardy with my post, these pictures were actually taken on the day he turned 3 months old and since then I've been keeping a few notes about him on my phone: 

 He is constantly kicking his socks off
He's become my little buddy and I secretly love how he's the happiest with me
He wakes up in the best mood, cooing and making cute little noises from his crib
He's trying really really hard to roll over but he's not quite there yet

This cute little sign used to be my Dad's. He recently passed it on to Remi, his name sake. Kayo was my Dad's nickname growing up and it's Remi's middle name.

Gotta love that slobbery smile!

Happy 3 months big guy!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday in the 505

Saturdays are my favorite.

Saturdays, especially Saturdays in the Fall, are great because Matt is home and we get to spend time together as a family either making robot costumes, watching balloons or going to the park.

Today, our Saturday morning lead us to the Zoo.

In search of some food to take on a picnic to the Zoo, we wound up at the Downtown Growers Market, which is small and quaint this time of year.

Matt and I got burritos and Addy ordered a chocolate croissant.

Feeding the ducks was the first thing on Addys list of must do's once we got to the zoo.

We brought our double stroller but Addy preferred to ride on Dad's shoulders. These two were quite the pair.

Remi was warm and cozy in the stroller and tried to get a few cat naps in.

After the polar bears, we had a little picnic and Addy played peek a boo behind the tree.

In the midst of this peek a boo game, I realized my little lady isn't so little anymore. 

This thought was even more confirmed when we went to the playground and she climbed up to the top all by herself.

"Momma this is so much fun!"

We didn't leave the zoo until almost 2, much to the dismay of Adelyne. She fell asleep in the car right away and asked about the ducks again as soon as we got home.

Both kiddos refused to take a nap this afternoon, but that didn't ruin our day. They were probably afraid of missing out on the fun. I think they like Saturaays too.

P.S. I wrote this entire post on my phone! I recently discovered the Blogger app which means I might actually get more than one post up a month. There may be a lot more typos than usual and the format might be off but at least I found a way to document fun memories like the ones we made today :)