Wednesday, November 13, 2013

October in the 505

October is a great month to live in the 505.

First morning of the fiesta we walked to the park// Remi's first balloon experience // hot air balloon // spotting balloons from the backyard

Having a little chat // my handsome men // holding his head up // addy reading to Remi

Cousins 4 months apart // thinking about rolling over // addy likes to be as close to me as possible while I nurse Remi // bundled up to watch the balloons

Last weekend of the fiesta with Uncle Perry and Aunt Nic // my brother and my babies // Remi and Dad // keepin warm

Girlfriends at the park // hello playful // such a good helper // me and my bot

bed head // bath time for Remi // girls night out // me and my kiddos

selfie // mamaw and her great grand kids // fall painting // getting ready for Halloween

Remi and I usually spend the early mornings together and he used to always fall asleep so easily in the quiet. He doesn't do this much anymore

Grandma Jo came to visit, Remi was his charming self

My "little cooker" and Remi the Rat from Ratatouille 

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