Saturday, November 16, 2013

This is Addy {Addy-isms Vol. 4}

This is Addy. 

She's a sweet little girl and always very helpful. 
"I like helping. Sometimes I help people make kids lunch, sometimes I help change babies diapers and getting pretzels!"

Addy likes to eat cereal in the morning and juice in the afternoon.  "This is deewishus! This is amazin like blueberries!"

"Let's cheers together!"

Addy loves to play pretend. She likes to pretend to talk on the phone, usually while sitting on the couch with her legs crossed. "Hold on kid, I'm talking to Gran right now. Hellwo? I just eatin supper Gran. Maybe you can come sit with me sometime. Bye"

She's very good at reasoning.

"I'm sorry mom. I'm sorry I didn't share my candy with my friends. Maybe since I didn't share I can have some when we get Home"

And she gets concerned about her loved ones safety.

"Have a good trip! Be careful. Don't drive too fast. Momma drives so fast sometimes."

She likes to have fun, but she can be serious too. "Mom, let's talk together. Let's talk about having lunch."

One day, Addy went to visit Granmarie. Granmarie works for an eye doctor. Addy loved getting to see Granmarie and all the fancy machines.

When it was time to leave, the doctor said: "Goodbye princess! You are such a princess." Addy waved goodbye and said, "I'm not a princess I'm a kid."

Silly Addy.

Inspiration for this post taken from the book Curious George Rides. You can check out other Addy-isms here.

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