Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday in the 505

Saturdays are my favorite.

Saturdays, especially Saturdays in the Fall, are great because Matt is home and we get to spend time together as a family either making robot costumes, watching balloons or going to the park.

Today, our Saturday morning lead us to the Zoo.

In search of some food to take on a picnic to the Zoo, we wound up at the Downtown Growers Market, which is small and quaint this time of year.

Matt and I got burritos and Addy ordered a chocolate croissant.

Feeding the ducks was the first thing on Addys list of must do's once we got to the zoo.

We brought our double stroller but Addy preferred to ride on Dad's shoulders. These two were quite the pair.

Remi was warm and cozy in the stroller and tried to get a few cat naps in.

After the polar bears, we had a little picnic and Addy played peek a boo behind the tree.

In the midst of this peek a boo game, I realized my little lady isn't so little anymore. 

This thought was even more confirmed when we went to the playground and she climbed up to the top all by herself.

"Momma this is so much fun!"

We didn't leave the zoo until almost 2, much to the dismay of Adelyne. She fell asleep in the car right away and asked about the ducks again as soon as we got home.

Both kiddos refused to take a nap this afternoon, but that didn't ruin our day. They were probably afraid of missing out on the fun. I think they like Saturaays too.

P.S. I wrote this entire post on my phone! I recently discovered the Blogger app which means I might actually get more than one post up a month. There may be a lot more typos than usual and the format might be off but at least I found a way to document fun memories like the ones we made today :)

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