Monday, June 15, 2015

25 Weeks with Baby D

The last month since my previous pregnancy update has been full of ups and downs. Matt and I celebrated our 7th anniversary, I had another ultrasound and all four of us got a nasty stomach bug that knocked us out for about a week. Needless to say, it's been a little rough on my already emotional self. Thankfully, every day gets us closer to meeting our little one. 

My second ultrasound (and probably last, if everything continues to go well) was a special one because my Mom got to join me. The tech said our little one had a beautiful heart which is always encouraging to hear. She also said he or she was measuring even bigger than at our last ultrasound, with a possible due date of 9/11 which is 17 days ahead of schedule. 

*Enter big eyed emoji here*

Since I have a little bit of experience with large babies, (Remi was a day late and over nine pounds) Im not getting my  hopes up. Im planning on a very large October baby and anything different will be a pleasant surprise. 

Everything else has been going well. I'm finding that a good night's sleep, good food and a walk before bed help keep me sane and in less pain. When my energy levels are up, I have an overwhelming desire to organize everything in the house and am having fun finding things for the new Big Kid's room and baby room. 

With all we've had going on lately, I've been slacking on taking any baby bump pics, but here are the two I've managed to capture:

This was on the night we celebrated our anniversary. We had such a great evening and I'm so thankful for our special time together. 

And here we have all three of my babies. One is doing flips in my tummy while one begs to be held and the other attempts to tie a ribbon around her waist. 
I love them all. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Remi is Almost Two!

This little man has a birthday coming up soon.

In a little over a month, Remington will be two. 

These first few weeks of summer and being pregnant have brought back a lot of memories of our summer waiting for him to come. And I have to say, I enjoy having him on the outside my belly much more. 

Remi is a typical middle child and so finding pictures and things to say about him are a little bit harder than it was when Addy turned two, but I'm determined to not cut him short. And for some reason, while uploading photos from my phone for this post, I found a lot of him sleeping. He's a good napper and who doesn't love a sleeping baby picture?

Love when he sleeps with his toes like that.

When did he get so long??

Sweet, sick little guy

Remi loves to ride his bike.

"Go fast! Go fast"
His favorite thing is to ride up one driveway and glide down another. 
"Do again!"

He has a thing for hats and happens to look pretty adorable in them.

He also loves to be given big boy jobs around the house. 
"I got it, I got it….. help me."

Up until this week, he was terrified of the water and wouldn't let go of me, even with floaties on. Now, he loves it and is so proud of how he can float all on his own.

Some other random facts about our Wemibird:

He bounces when he runs
He repeats everything Addy says all.the.time.
When he isn't copying his sister's every word, he's mimicking his Dad's every move

We are so thankful for this silly, playful little guy.

Friday, June 5, 2015

3 reasons why I'm not worried about having 3 kids

Since telling our family and friends and announcing that we were expecting our third child, I've been pretty surprised to see the way some people react. I've also been taken aback at some articles and Facebook posts I've read about a family of 5 now being considered "large." It really never crossed my mind that having three kids was odd or that we would suddenly become a large family. I guess I just took it for grant it that most of my friends have at least three kids. 

A lady at the pool yesterday said I was brave to have so many little ones so close together and a friend recently asked me if I was nervous about having three kids. And the truth is that I really am not nervous about having three kids at all. Im slightly terrified of having a 10 pound baby but that's another issue. 

I'm not worried about having three kids and here's why:

1) We already have two
We're not having triplets or twins, we're just adding one more child to the mix. I've We've done this twice. Babies don't come out with a mouth full of words, their needs are pretty basic at the beginning. It's rough, each stage has their own challenges but thankfully, God allows us to adjust and grow as they do. And having already been through the newborn stage through the preschool age helps me know what to expect.* 

2) We are not the only crazy ones out there
Like I said before, a lot of our friends have more than three kids. It's not unusual amongst our community and circle of friends to have "large" families. And since that's the case, we have an amazing support system of other moms and dads to call upon when we're feeling in over our heads. We're also blessed to live near family who are always willing to help. 

3) His faithfulness is great
I started writing the words to Great is Thy Faithfulness on our chalkboard the other day when two little artists decided to lend a hand. But I think it is so fitting. "Great is thy faithfulness, all I have needed thy hands hath provided." Im the budget freak of our household and I tend to get a little stressed when the numbers aren't looking the way I would like them too, but we have never gone without. He has always provided, whether that be money, jobs or even friends when we've asked for them. He's given us strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

*DISCLAIMER: I do remember having a slight breakdown when Remi was about 6 months old. We had a lot going on and I was having trouble staying on top of things. I broke down in tears at bible study one day and some sweet friends lifted me up when I needed it. There's a very good chance that that could happen again, multiple times, who knows. I really don't know what's in store for us with this third child but God has been gracious and given me a lot of peace about it. Now if only I could find some peace with my ever growing to do list….