Friday, June 5, 2015

3 reasons why I'm not worried about having 3 kids

Since telling our family and friends and announcing that we were expecting our third child, I've been pretty surprised to see the way some people react. I've also been taken aback at some articles and Facebook posts I've read about a family of 5 now being considered "large." It really never crossed my mind that having three kids was odd or that we would suddenly become a large family. I guess I just took it for grant it that most of my friends have at least three kids. 

A lady at the pool yesterday said I was brave to have so many little ones so close together and a friend recently asked me if I was nervous about having three kids. And the truth is that I really am not nervous about having three kids at all. Im slightly terrified of having a 10 pound baby but that's another issue. 

I'm not worried about having three kids and here's why:

1) We already have two
We're not having triplets or twins, we're just adding one more child to the mix. I've We've done this twice. Babies don't come out with a mouth full of words, their needs are pretty basic at the beginning. It's rough, each stage has their own challenges but thankfully, God allows us to adjust and grow as they do. And having already been through the newborn stage through the preschool age helps me know what to expect.* 

2) We are not the only crazy ones out there
Like I said before, a lot of our friends have more than three kids. It's not unusual amongst our community and circle of friends to have "large" families. And since that's the case, we have an amazing support system of other moms and dads to call upon when we're feeling in over our heads. We're also blessed to live near family who are always willing to help. 

3) His faithfulness is great
I started writing the words to Great is Thy Faithfulness on our chalkboard the other day when two little artists decided to lend a hand. But I think it is so fitting. "Great is thy faithfulness, all I have needed thy hands hath provided." Im the budget freak of our household and I tend to get a little stressed when the numbers aren't looking the way I would like them too, but we have never gone without. He has always provided, whether that be money, jobs or even friends when we've asked for them. He's given us strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

*DISCLAIMER: I do remember having a slight breakdown when Remi was about 6 months old. We had a lot going on and I was having trouble staying on top of things. I broke down in tears at bible study one day and some sweet friends lifted me up when I needed it. There's a very good chance that that could happen again, multiple times, who knows. I really don't know what's in store for us with this third child but God has been gracious and given me a lot of peace about it. Now if only I could find some peace with my ever growing to do list….


Renee said...

Such a great way to think about things! We'll have baby #3 in 11 weeks, and I'm a bit worried about what I might do when all 3 need me at once, but not in the way that I was worried while waiting for baby #2! (Ps: Breakdowns are a completely normal part of parenthood! They just serve as reminders to us to ask for help!)

Jessica Lynn said...

I love this and those reasons are exactly why I'm not so nervous about having a third baby (NOT an announcement by any means). I never imagined wanting more than two kids, but I have a feeling our family isn't complete yet.

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