Thursday, January 31, 2013

An Announcement

We've been keeping a little secret... kind of. Most of you have probably been in on our little secret for a while and if you follow me on Pinterest, you might already have an idea of what's going on with the Danner family. Well, it's time to make things official (and we all know that nothing is officially official until it's on the blog or Facebook).

We're expecting!

Baby Danner number 2 is due July 21st and we are thrilled. The Lord has been faithful to our little family.

We're almost 16 weeks along and so thankful to be in the 2nd trimester. 

This is how we broke the news to most of our family

Although Addy has no idea how her life will change in about 6 months, she likes the idea of having a baby around and has already picked out where her little brother or sister will sit at the dinner table. And in case you're wondering, little Baby D's gender will be a surprise once again.

Life with an almost 2 year old has been keeping us busy and I imagine life will only get more hectic once we have two, but I intend to keep the blogging up as much as I can. So, be sure to stay tuned for baby updates, belly pics and of course, cute stories and pictures of Miss Adelyne.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Six for Saturday

1. You sounded so smart and professional on the radio
2. You've been taking over a couple potty training shifts
3. You encourage me to be encouraging to others
4. You also encourage me to be more open and vulnerable with others
5. You and Addy made cookies together today
6. You checked the blog yesterday expecting a Five for Friday's post

P.S. I love you :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It snowed in Albuquerque last week; dark, gray clouds and big flurries and actually stuck. The sun came out for a little while just after nap time and Addy and I got to go play.


Last Thursday Addy went to spend a couple of days with her Grandparents in Las Cruces. It was her first overnighter with my parents and her longest period of time away from home. She had a blast and didn't even seem to miss us at all.

Odawalla Bars are Addy's new favorite snack. Her Grandma was so generous to share with her.

During her stint away from the 505 Addy began talking in somewhat full sentences, learned some new colors and started calling her Grandpa "Pa pa." She also mastered the word "Okay." It was the first word out of her mouth this morning, she says it all the time, which I'll take any day over the word "no."

Building a fort with "Pa pa"

The other day in the car, she dropped her baby doll, looked down at her and said "Okay? K." It was like she was saying, "Are you okay? Ok, good!" She's so caring.

She'll ask for a snack and say "Ya? Okay!" She also answers her own questions. "I shop? Okay!"

I'm pretty sure she got it from me, "You need to be nice, Okay?" I'm realizing that having a toddler makes you very aware of your weird habits because they are just like little parrots, cute little parrots.

 Enjoying the 60 plus degree weather of Las Cruces

Friday, January 18, 2013

Five for Friday

1. You took me on a Downton Abbey like date.
2. You opted out of going to a brewery tonight
3. You also got me a book
4. False teaching is a serious thing to you
5. You're a good friend and never repeat things you're told in confidence

P.S. I love you :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Five for Friday

1. We were both craving breakfast for dinner. 
2. You are a great host and make some mean meatballs
3. "I don't care how cute the buttons on your sweater are, you be nice to me in your sleep!"
4. You were looking for a hobby we could do together
5. You're excited to grow and develop our friendships this year.

P.S. I love you :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

"Choo Choo Day!"

The other day Matt was feeding Addy and as usual, Addy was talking about a "choo choo." Matt asked her if she would like to ride on a choo choo, a big choo choo. He asked if she would like to ride the Rail Runner up to Santa Fe and if she thought her cousin Carter would like to go too. She of course said yes, "I wide! I wide!"

So we had a plan, on Saturday, which happened to be 3 days away, we would go on a little adventure. Carter was invited, his parents said "yes," and so we began counting down the days until Saturday when we would ride the big choo choo.

We loaded up the kiddos in time to catch the 9:20 train. On the way to the station, Carter kept saying "Choo choo day! Choo choo day!" We found out later that that was something he came up with all on his own.

Addy and Carter did great on the 45 minute train ride. They had snacks, and took turns spying horses, cows and trucks out the window. Addy would ask for "more" which is kind of her way of saying she likes something these days and Carter would say "all aboard!"

In Santa Fe we ate at one of our favorite places, the Rooftop Pizzeria. We took a similar trip to Santa Fe about a year ago and ate at the same restaurant. Addy wasn't even walking yet but it was a fun outing for our little family. This time, we enjoyed reminiscing and praising God for how far he has brought us in a year.

Carter was such a little trooper, going with the flow, as if he was one of our own. I wonder what people thought when they saw us with two kids, about the same age who kind of look a like. Brother and Sister? Twins? Cousins?

The next train headed back home to Albuquerque didn't leave until 3:20 and by that time these two were tired little kiddos. We ordered some coffee at Flying Star while we waited for the train and let them play in the booth. They quickly started to melt.

When we finally got back on the train, it didn't take very long for Carter crash. I'm a lucky Aunt and got to snuggle all the way home.

It took a little longer for Addy to fall asleep, but once she did, she was out.

She was pretty disoriented when she woke up, and who wouldn't be after sleeping folded in half like that?

We were all exhausted after our adventure to Santa Fe but we had a blast and made some very special memories. Weeks later, we're still talking about "Choo Choo Day."

Five for Friday

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1. It was your idea to take Addy and Carter on an adventure on the Rail Runner
2. You took note of how different things are than when we went to Santa Fe last year around the same time. The blessings in our life are never lost on you.
3. You totally indulged my Buffalo Wild Wings craving even though it was probably the worst idea ever.
4. Thank you for never taking me there again
5. You came home yesterday and said you missed your girls

P.S. I Love You and I'm sorry for skipping last week. I was too busy enjoying you being home :)