Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Last Thursday Addy went to spend a couple of days with her Grandparents in Las Cruces. It was her first overnighter with my parents and her longest period of time away from home. She had a blast and didn't even seem to miss us at all.

Odawalla Bars are Addy's new favorite snack. Her Grandma was so generous to share with her.

During her stint away from the 505 Addy began talking in somewhat full sentences, learned some new colors and started calling her Grandpa "Pa pa." She also mastered the word "Okay." It was the first word out of her mouth this morning, she says it all the time, which I'll take any day over the word "no."

Building a fort with "Pa pa"

The other day in the car, she dropped her baby doll, looked down at her and said "Okay? K." It was like she was saying, "Are you okay? Ok, good!" She's so caring.

She'll ask for a snack and say "Ya? Okay!" She also answers her own questions. "I shop? Okay!"

I'm pretty sure she got it from me, "You need to be nice, Okay?" I'm realizing that having a toddler makes you very aware of your weird habits because they are just like little parrots, cute little parrots.

 Enjoying the 60 plus degree weather of Las Cruces

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