Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Silly Remi

Remi got his first hair cut the other day. And since it's kind of a momentous occasion, I pulled out the big camera after naps and snapped a few pictures of this handsome little man. 

It was kind of gloomy out so I had the flash on and it was making him laugh, so I just kept taking pictures. Enjoy!

When did he get so big??

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nap time Chronicles {9.10.14}

Remi woke up from his nap almost an hour before Addy did today which meant he and I got to spend some unusual one on one time together.

We spent our time in the play room stacking blocks and assembling Mr. Potato head. I watch him play everyday but anytime I get to interact with him like this I'm always amazed at what he can do. 

He's really good at putting Mr. Potato head together and I was really impressed when he put all the put all the pieces in the tub with the lid on and placed it back on the shelf where it belonged. 

Today he also climbed to the top of the play place at chic Fil a and knows how to reach the top of Addys bunks. Uh oh!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Adelyne is 3 and a Half Years Old!!

Sweet Addy Grace turns 3 and half years old this month, tomorrow actually. And tomorrow she will be closer to being 4 than 3. How is that even possible?!?

With this being the eve of her half birthday I thought a little addy update was appropriate.

This sweet girl - she's so great. Matt and I often find ourselves smiling at each other over something she's done, said or created. She has the sweetest little heart, loves her brother and playing pretend.

I bought her an orange broom the other day and she couldn't wait to come home and clean up after her baby. Her baby is like our third child. Addy is always giving us updates on how the baby is doing, asks us to be quiet for baby and wants to include baby in everything we do. 

Addy started drawing smiley faces this week. It's the cutest thing and it me makes so proud since the only thing she had previously drawn were scribbles. She draws a circle with eyes, a nose and a mouth and sometimes adds hair, shoes and mittens. 

This girl is always up to something. Here is a "bike trailer" she made by lining up a bunch of toys together. She's also started using dialogue in her play and often recites a part of the movie Toy Story.

"Andy Im heading out the door!
Mom I can't find my buzz! 
Get another toy

Being a big sister can be tough sometimes, especially when you're little brother is still learning to share, but Addy is doing a great job. She gets frustrated but for the most part is very sweet and loving to Remi. They recently discovered they could hold hands while running errands and Addy cries when she has to let go. So so sweet.

Today she asked me when she could start driving. 
When you're 16.
"And then I can drive up to Colorado?'

She already wants to leave. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Nap Time Chronicles {8.22.14}

It's getting harder and harder to sit down to write a well thought out and put together blog post and at the same time, my kids are getting older and cuter. More than ever I want to write down and document the silly and sweet things they do but just can't find the time. So, I am going to do myself a favor and just treat this blog as a journal for a while and attempt to jot something down everyday or every other day in an effort to keep up with these amazing kiddos of mine.

After a rough night with a sick little girl, we woke up to rain today. It was a welcome sight and a great excuse to stay in and recoup. Addy bounced back quickly and didn't care to watch TV all day as we had planned on letting her. Instead her and Remi chased each other up and down the hall, stomped in puddles and rode in their "thingamiger."

Friday, August 1, 2014

Remington is One Year Old!

Our little guy is not so little anymore. Last week, Remi celebrated his very first birthday! 

Not thinking, I scheduled his 12 month check up on his Birthday and he had to get two shots. We made the best of it though and met Matt for lunch afterwards.

I remember saying this about Addy too but if feels like once Remi turned 1, he began to develop and grow at a rapid speed. I love this age where they are beginning to talk and walk and are always learning to do new things.

Remi's development might seem to be coming on even faster since he has a big sister to copy. He wants to do everything she does. He prefers cups and water bottles with straws, wants to use a fork with every meal and if Addy is eating it, he assumes he can eat it too. 

Remi is walking really well now and getting faster and faster. He follows us from room to room and loves to walk circles around things. He does a funny little pivot with one foot when he needs to make a sharp turn.

He received several trucks and cars for his birthday and we are excited for him to learn how to play with him. For now, one of his favorite toys is Matt's old phone. He puts it up to his ear and pretends to talk on it. 

What up Birthday Boy?

Remi has become quite useful in retrieving our shoes for us, even when we don't need them. He's not satisfied until we've put them on.

But enough rambling. Here are his One Year Old Stats. I've done this with Addy at each Birthday and I'm excited to continue the tradition with Remington.

AGE: 1 year old
WEIGHT: 17.95 pounds
HEIGHT: 29 inches
FAVORITE FOOD: Grapes and Blueberries
FAVORITE TOY: One of Dad's old phones
FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Throwing balls and "painting" in the backyard
SCARED OF: Balloons (one popped in our living room and he avoids them at all costs now)
DISLIKES: Reading books
BEST FRIEND: Addy and he LOVES his cousin Carter
WORDS: "ball," "baa!" (boo) and "dada"
SILLY TENDENCY: He likes to play peek a boo with waiters and people at restaurants. He says "baa!" as they walk by and then chuckles to himself like "ha! I got 'em!" It makes us laugh every time.

Happy Happy Birthday Remington! We love you!