Friday, August 22, 2014

Nap Time Chronicles {8.22.14}

It's getting harder and harder to sit down to write a well thought out and put together blog post and at the same time, my kids are getting older and cuter. More than ever I want to write down and document the silly and sweet things they do but just can't find the time. So, I am going to do myself a favor and just treat this blog as a journal for a while and attempt to jot something down everyday or every other day in an effort to keep up with these amazing kiddos of mine.

After a rough night with a sick little girl, we woke up to rain today. It was a welcome sight and a great excuse to stay in and recoup. Addy bounced back quickly and didn't care to watch TV all day as we had planned on letting her. Instead her and Remi chased each other up and down the hall, stomped in puddles and rode in their "thingamiger."

Friday, August 1, 2014

Remington is One Year Old!

Our little guy is not so little anymore. Last week, Remi celebrated his very first birthday! 

Not thinking, I scheduled his 12 month check up on his Birthday and he had to get two shots. We made the best of it though and met Matt for lunch afterwards.

I remember saying this about Addy too but if feels like once Remi turned 1, he began to develop and grow at a rapid speed. I love this age where they are beginning to talk and walk and are always learning to do new things.

Remi's development might seem to be coming on even faster since he has a big sister to copy. He wants to do everything she does. He prefers cups and water bottles with straws, wants to use a fork with every meal and if Addy is eating it, he assumes he can eat it too. 

Remi is walking really well now and getting faster and faster. He follows us from room to room and loves to walk circles around things. He does a funny little pivot with one foot when he needs to make a sharp turn.

He received several trucks and cars for his birthday and we are excited for him to learn how to play with him. For now, one of his favorite toys is Matt's old phone. He puts it up to his ear and pretends to talk on it. 

What up Birthday Boy?

Remi has become quite useful in retrieving our shoes for us, even when we don't need them. He's not satisfied until we've put them on.

But enough rambling. Here are his One Year Old Stats. I've done this with Addy at each Birthday and I'm excited to continue the tradition with Remington.

AGE: 1 year old
WEIGHT: 17.95 pounds
HEIGHT: 29 inches
FAVORITE FOOD: Grapes and Blueberries
FAVORITE TOY: One of Dad's old phones
FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Throwing balls and "painting" in the backyard
SCARED OF: Balloons (one popped in our living room and he avoids them at all costs now)
DISLIKES: Reading books
BEST FRIEND: Addy and he LOVES his cousin Carter
WORDS: "ball," "baa!" (boo) and "dada"
SILLY TENDENCY: He likes to play peek a boo with waiters and people at restaurants. He says "baa!" as they walk by and then chuckles to himself like "ha! I got 'em!" It makes us laugh every time.

Happy Happy Birthday Remington! We love you!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Thoughts on Birthdays {Remi is almost one}

It's been a while since I set down down to blog about something that wasn't one of my children but I think the eve of my son's first birthday is as good a time as any to pick it up again.

First birthdays are always a little emotional for mommas and I have to admit that I've been feeling a little emotional today. But if you see me crying at all this week, it will be tears of joy. My little guy will be a year old tomorrow and I am so thankful for his life and for this past year with him in our family.

I used to not be a big fan of Birthdays. I always thought they were full of unmet expectations and let downs. How selfish is that?

After my daughter was born and I turned 26, I started to view birthdays in a different light. Instead of focusing on the number of birthday wishes I received, I wanted to focus on all the blessings I'd received throughout that year. Thanksgiving was going to be a new theme for my birthdays. 

I want thanksgiving to be a theme for my children's birthdays too. I want them to learn that their years are numbered and each one is a gift to be celebrated. And a celebration can be simple or elaborate. They probably won't get a huge party every year, but every year we can look back on the past one and praise the Lord for all he's done. 

So on the eve of my son's very first birthday, I'm thankful for nurses and doctors who made the call to send him to the NICU for a week after he was born when his little lungs weren't' working the right way. I'm thankful for modern day medicine that got him right back on his feet and that we were able to take him home, a week later than we had thought, but we got to take him home. I'm thankful for a sweet little girl who loves being a big sister and a caring, hard working father for my little guy. I'm thankful for our friends and family and a community of believers to raise our little boy in. And Im thankful for this handsome little guy and the way that he has changed our family for the better.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sweet Lil Momma {Addyisms Vol. 6}

Our little guy has been fighting a new tooth and a case of Roseola this week which has involved a lot of crying, screaming and hair pulling, not just from Remi. But amongst the chaos, sweet Adelyne has somehow gotten even sweeter.

When Remi woke up pretty grumpy after a rough night fighting a fever, Addy offered to hold him and kept saying. "It's ok, come to sister. I know you don't feel good. I know, I'll take care of you. It's ok."

Then she entertained a tired Mom and a sick Brother with an impromptu magic show. "Can anyone tell what's inside my hat?" 

I put a screaming Remi in his crib so I could use the bathroom. He continued to scream and then I heard the two of the them laughing together. Addy had snuck in there to "take care of him." I listened to them for awhile and then Addy came out and said. "Mom, I'm just in here, I'm taking care of Remi, you don't need to come in here. He's ok." 

She went off to the kitchen and got the thermometer from the counter and proceeded to take his temperature. After she got a good reading, she left again and came back with some tylenol. When I told her to put it back, she returned with a handful of syringes. When she finally understood that she wasn't allowed to give him medicine, ever, she set down and "read" him a story.

Here are a few other sweet and silly things she's been saying lately:

"What's that?"
Sweet tea
"Does it help you be sweet to me?"

She calls scoring a basket a "hump down"

"Why did Remi just fell?"
He just lost his balance
"Maybe it went in his tummy"

"Mom, I wish we could go under the fence and have an airplane next to our house so when we go places we could take an airplane. But I saw the wall was broken so we don't need an airplane we can just take our car."

"Dads so nice to Remi"
He's nice to you too
He's a good dad huh?
"Ya he kills the bugs for us"

Monday, June 23, 2014

Remington is 11 Months Old!

Our little guy is growing up, Remington turned 11 months old yesterday. His very first birthday is quickly approaching and we are excited to celebrate our sweet boy with friends and family.

Remi now has four teeth, his hair has lightened and grown over his ears.

He knows how to sign "please" and will often ask to be placed on the chair or couch and then smile proudly like he got up there himself, which might happen sooner than we'd like. He's climbs on most everything else, stairs or no obstacle for him and opening the screen door to the backyard is something he accomplished weeks ago.

It took a few weeks, but Remi finally learned how to enjoy blanket time. When he's ready to be done, he lets you know by throwing all his toys off the blanket and sometimes sneaking off to retrieve them then quickly crawling back before Mom sees. He's one smart little boy. 

He's not a fan of books, sings along with us and tv shows, loves to wrestle and doesn't really like for anyone but Mom to put him to bed.

After attempting to walk and taking quite a few steps in a row, he's decided that crawling is really the way to go and we haven't seen him walk much lately.
 There's no hurry big guy!

Here are some other things Remi has been up to this month:

Remi's morning routine: throw open screen door, carefully maneuver outside and then repeat.

So much love for his cousins.

"Painting" with his sister. They had so much fun doing this the other day and both threw a fit when it was time to come in for lunch.

Big guy!

He loves to pretend to mix things with his spoon inside bowls and sometimes will even offer you some.

Happy 11 Months Wemibird! Can't believe you're almost one!