Friday, March 28, 2014

Remington is Eight Months Old!

Little Remington turned eight months old last weekend, during an on going battle with his upper left tooth.

It's been a week and a half since that tooth first showed up and it's still taking it's sweet time to come in. Poor little guy got a stuffy nose and a fever to go along with it.

He was down and out for a couple of days but now he seems to be back to his cheery self. I forget what a great, easy going, almost always happy baby he is until he's sick. I'm so glad to have my happy guy back.

Remi is more mobile than ever now. He crawls all over our cold tile floor, following us into different rooms and even though he's small, he does a pretty good job keeping up. 

(Please ignore all the snot, it was a big part of our lives for a week)
He loves to drop toys on the tile, pick them up and drop them again. I guess he likes the sound. He's started pulling up on things and even playing peek a boo!

We had to lower his crib mattress because he's threatened to make an escape a couple of times.

He's entering into what I remember being a really fun stage and I'm excited to spend these fun spring and summer months with him as he learns new things.

Happy Eight Months Buddy!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Adelyne is Three Years Old!

Our sweet little lady turned three on the 9th of this month! 

"I'm the tallest girl in the world!"

You can read all about her big Birthday weekend here
For the past two years, I've done a birthday post for Addy which include her yearly stats. This year, I sat down with Addy the night before her Birthday and had her answer a few of the questions for me. Her answers are in italics.

AGE: 3 years old
HEIGHT: She's a little on the short side but won't know her exact height until her 3 year well check on Thursday
She also really like Mac and Cheese, granola bars and bread. She loves bread!
Doc McStuffins, Bublble Guppies, Daniel Tiger and Leap Frog are among her favorites as well
Favorite Color: Orange
FAVORITE TOY: The baby that Gran and Papa gave me
It's always a treat for her to get to play Hungry Hippo but Hide and Go Seek is hands down her favorite game, even though she is awful at hiding!
FAVORITE ANIMAL: Tigers at the Zoo
FAVORITE SNACK: Crackers and cheese

And since it's hard to sum up a growing, ever changing three year old by just naming off their favorite things, here are some pictures of what she's been up to the past couple of months.

"Say cheese!"

About to head out to the trampoline park with Gran and Papa.

Matchers! She asked if we could take a picture. Notice how long her hair is getting and how dead mom looks with out make up.

She's trying to do the little tea cup here, not scratch her butt.

Addy and Remi are slowly becoming little playmates. She will often ask me to put him in the laundry basket which is either a train, plane or rocket ship, saying "there's plenty of room for him."

Patiently waiting for story time to start.

One of her favorite new places is the Explora Children's museum. She can tell you about all of her favorite things there.

Another one of her favorite new things is bread. She loves it! Who knew? 

Her naps are starting to get shorter in the afternoon, but sometimes I can get her to snuggle with me for a while and she might just fall back asleep.

She is becoming a little bit more adventurous and outgoing when it comes to playing with friends and sometimes even making new friends.

We love you!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Addy's Birthday Weekend

Sweet Miss Adelyne turned three this weekend. Her birthday wasn't until Sunday but we started celebrating on Friday with a small(ish) party for her and her friends.  

We made cupcakes together the night before her party, she wasn't a huge fan of licking the spoon.

Addy's Gran and Papa came up to help with the party and celebrate their granddaughter's third Birthday.

"I'm the tallest girl in the world!"

You might not be able to tell from the look on her face, but she loved being sung to. She loved it so much she asked us to sing a few more times that weekend.

We had a spring theme for the party with a little egg hunt for the kiddos.

Such a fun morning! We are so thankful for great friends and family to celebrate with!

That night, Gran and Papa took Addy to her favorite restaurant to continue her birthday celebration. Matt and Remi had to stay home with the sickies, sadly, but Addy didn't seem to mind the extra attention.

We told the server it was her Birthday and after watching them sing to several tables, the servers finally came to our table with a huge sundae and balloon. She was thrilled.

On Sunday morning, Addy went to 3 year old class for the first time. For not being one who enjoys trying new things, she did great and really enjoyed it. Then Granmarie and Gramps, Carter, Everrett, Auntie Morgan and Uncle Quinn came over for our final Birthday celebration. 

Having already been sung to a couple of times that weekend, Addy didn't hesitate in showing her excitement for blowing out the candles and eating a cupcake. 

The grass in her hair is from multiple games of Ring Around the Rosie.

"I'm three!"

What a fun weekend celebrating our little lady!