Friday, August 31, 2012

A Spontaneous Coffee Date!

We were going to meet some friends at Story Time the other day and I got the time wrong. We arrived half an hour early. Since there was a Flying Star next door, we had a spontaneous coffee date! 

Chai for Mom, water for Addy and we split a muffin.

I usually order Addy a to go cup of water whenever we go out to eat or get coffee, then she feels like she gets a treat too. I went through the drive thru at Starbucks this morning but forgot to order a water for her. She was so disappointed. Sweet, little thing just wanted a green straw.

Addy's New Apron

Addy's new favorite activity is pretending to "cook." She usually plays on the bottom shelf of the pantry with whatever random object she's found or I've handed to her. She has a pretty good imagination and keeps herself entertained for awhile.

Cookin' up a little bracelet and lid soup. Yum!

Love that bed head!

Lately, she has been asking to wear one of my aprons. It's obviously way to big on her and constantly falls off. So, I decided to make her one her own size.

I had a blast making it for her, the whole time thinking about how cute it would look on her and how excited she would be about it. Imagine how disappointed I was when she wanted absolutely nothing to do with it! It actually hurt my feelings a little bit. I mean, come on! It has a pocket and everything! Then   I remembered that she was only 18 months old and eventually she let me slip it over her head. She wore it for the rest of the afternoon and I spent the next half hour on the kitchen floor just watching her play.

"Addy, where's your apron?"

She still doesn't love her new apron, I have to talk her into wearing it instead of mine. Oh well, I'm sure that won't be the last time she doesn't like something I make for her.

Five for Friday

1. You were just as sad as I was to hear about my Grandpa passing away
2. You always take over Addy duty when we're with my family so that I can catch up with them
3. This week, you've been coming home with plans to take Addy to the park or on an errand so I can get my work done earlier and we can hang out.
4. You might have just as much fun, if not more fun, than Addy at the bouncy thing in Texas.
5. Date Night and the Hunger Games tonight!!

P.S. I love you :)

Feeling Chatty

Today is going to be a two-post day; I've made an executive decision because I am feeling chatty. We'll get back to our regularly scheduled Five for Friday post soon.

I saw this on Pinterest.
It's so true but half the time they don't sound nearly as clever or funny when said out loud.

It's like when you tell a joke but botch the punch line. I do it every time. Last night I was trying to tell Matt about a funny Facebook conversation I was having with my brother and some friends. It made me "lol" for real. But for some reason it didn't seem nearly as funny when I told it to Matt.

Do any of you other Stay at Home Moms feel like when something funny happens to you during the day, you work on perfecting the story to tell to your hubby when he gets home but it's never delivered as well as planned? Story of my life!

I think I need to get back into a better blogging routine so I can get my chattiness out before Matt comes home. I feel like I bombard him with all my stories as soon as he walks in the door, because as much as I love hanging out with Miss Adelyne all day, she's not much of a conversationalist. (We are working on that though, trying to encourage her to talk more. Curious George, who only makes annoying monkey sounds, is out and Dora or Cat and the Hat or anyone who talks normally and doesn't get into trouble all the time, is in.)

It also seems like the stories I think would be awesome blog posts turn out to be total flops. So, I start typing something only to delete it and move on to something else. But then the story never gets told, it's just floating around in my head waiting to burst on the next unfortunate person to engage in conversation with me. More often than not, that person is my husband. He's a saint for putting up with me. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Five for Friday

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1) "If it weren't awkward and inappropriate, I'd tell more people. It was really funny."
2) "Checklists are great. I think Jesus invented checklists. That's why we have the Lord's prayer."
3) When "I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" came on Pandora, you asked if it reminded me of Ten Things I Hate I About You.
4) I've had this post written since Tuesday this week. You've been on a role with funny quotable sayings lately.
5) I'm excited to spend my Birthday packed up in a car with my two favorite people.

P.S. I love you :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Flies, Shoes and Some Cute Pics!

Hello friends!
It feels like its been awhile since I've posted anything besides the Five for Fridays. I keep meaning to but we really haven't had anything blog worthy going on lately. Life at the Danner's has just been chugging right along and somehow August has managed to just slip right past me.  

Matt can't wait for fall to come to the 505. It's definitely getting closer, the weather is getting cooler and we've enjoyed leaving the windows open for the past couple of days. I am trying to share in his excitement by pinning cute fall outfits on Pinterest and making a few fall decorations but I'm just not quite yet ready to put away my sundresses and flip flops.

The cooler weather does mean that we get to play outside more. The three of us even went on a walk to the park for the first time in what seems like forever and Addy learned to go down the slide by herself.

Love that hair!

Doesn't she look like she could live in Whoville?

Addy has spent almost every morning this week playing outside while I make breakfast or clean up the kitchen. She insists on having her shoes on and its funny to watch her play outside in her PJ's and shoes. She talks the entire time and goes in and out the door. Unfortunately this gives the flies ample opportunity to invade our house. I feel like I am always batting away at a fly and if you ask Addy how to shoo a fly away, she waves her hand around in the air.

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, there was a fly buzzing around me and randomly crashing into the mirror. It was kind of comical until Matt killed him. "Took him out in mid air! Take that you sucker!" That was comical too.

This snuggle time has almost become a part of our daily routine. When we're out running errands, Addy falls asleep almost right when we get home. I'll get her out of her car seat, walk around the house, make lunch, do laundry or whatever and she just snoozes on my shoulder for twenty minutes. It might just be the cutest thing ever.

And the last piece of Danner news is that Addy finally got some new shoes! Doesn't she have the cutest, tiniest feet ever and who's not jealous of that tan line?

That about wraps it up!

Happy Thursday!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Five for Friday

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1. The toilet paper bandit strikes again. "Oh no, oh no, oh NO!"
2. A blue Walmart bag took us down memory lane for a little while the other night
3. You told me I'm a good friend to a fault
4. You called me into the living room because 98 Degrees was on the Today Show
5. You have been a great example of God's grace and forgiveness this week.

P.S. I love you :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Five for Friday

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1. You had a bad day and brought home flowers for Addy and I.
2. "I really like talking to you, it's one of my favorite hobbies actually."
3. You're already planning our next vacation
4. You were super bummed when you heard the results of the women's beach volley on sports radio before watching it on TV.
5. You spent all of Saturday taking your girls on dates last weekend. You're so good to us.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear Summer

Yesterday we went to the Splash Park for the last time this summer. Schools in Albuquerque start up again next week and the Splash Park will only be open on the weekends. Summer is slowly coming to an end.

I nor anyone else in my household have to return to school next week but I'm still feeling a little sad. Nothing will change in our daily routine but summer coming to an end brings on a different mind set that's not as care free.

 Fall in Albuquerque is great but I have absolutely loved this summer. I actually don't remember ever being this sad about the change of season. Even when I was in school, I was excited for the change. 

This summer was kind of like our first summer with Addy. She was around last year, of course, but she was so tiny and we were so busy. I remember wondering what it would feel like to be settled, to not be moving, graduating and adjusting to a new baby all at once. Maybe that's why this summer was so special to me, I didn't know how much I had been looking forward to it.

Every stage with Addy has been fun, but this summer, Addy was in my favorite stage yet. Her little personality has evolved and as fun as this summer has been, I bet the next will be even better. I can't wait!. So, let's just hurry up and get this winter over with so we can get the fun in the sun started again.

Dear Summer,
You have been good to us this year. 
We will miss your long, beautiful sunny days and rainy afternoons.
While we will not miss the heat, or the painfully hot car seats, we will forever reminisce on our many adventures with friends and family in the sun.
Dear Summer,
come back soon.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Lately, my computer has been a pain in the you know what and photos are taking a million years to download, so I've just about given up on posting anymore Hawaii pics. 

Lately, this little lady has been a bit of a drama queen. That might have something do with the fact that the P-A-C-I has been MIA lately.

Who, Me?

But, lately she has also been making me smile with her need to accessorize herself and George.

Lately we've been getting a lot of rain. Addy has taken this opportunity to wear her rain attire.

Which might still be a little too big.

I've had a happy little assistant lately, helping me stuff envelopes for half an hour.

Lately, we've gotten to see a lot of this handsome man.

And lately, I've been so thankful that him and his sweet family live just down the street. Addy LOVES them and throws little fits when we have to say good bye; total drama queen.

Lately, Addy and I have both been tired of reading books. So, I've been trying to find other activities and even made a felt activity board. Addy only plays with it for about five minutes at a time. Good thing I really enjoyed cutting out all those little pieces, it was like playing with paper dolls!

Lately, Auto Correct and myself have not been friends. Did you see my last post? Yikes!

Does anyone else remember watching Tailspin?

Lately, I've been coping with the fact that summer is almost over by buying school supplies. I just can't resist a brand new, never written in notebook!

Summer coming to an end doesn't seem to be phasing these too at all. They're all ready to go to school... in their pj's.

Happy Hump Day Friends!
Hope you are enjoying what's left of summer time.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Five for Friday

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1. You volunteered to stuff envelopes for me for work, before I even thought about asking for your help.
2. You have been super helpful around the house and with Addy this week.
3. You asked Addy if she wanted to go on a date this weekend.
4. When I tell Addy to give you a kiss good bye, she smiles and runs over to you
5. After hanging out with the guys, you always come home and thank me for letting you go out. You don't take your friends or time spent with them for grant it.

P.S. I love you :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Like the Locals Do

Matt is a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain and his show on the travel channel. "Tony," as he is lovingly called in our house is all about the local scene, he tends to stick to the restaurants, food and activities that the locals favor. He's not a fan of touristy things or big chain restaurants.

Hawaii is a touristy place and we realized before going, that people don't really go there for the food. You go to Hawaii because it's beautiful. But not wanting to pass up the opportunity to try something new, we asked ourselves "Where would Tony go?" and headed to a "local" farmer's market.

Like most things in Hawaii, the Farmer's Market is there to cater to the tourists but they did have a large selection of fruit and some pretty jewelry.

We brought home some goodies; Kiwi, Passion Fruit, Papaya, Star Fruit and a kind of Banana (I don't remember the name)

This is what the inside of a Passion Fruit looks like. Pretty tasty and it smelled amazing, very similar to the Passion Fruit candles you can buy at Bath and Body Works. 

Ah, the Papaya. No one really cared for the Papaya.

Did you know that you shouldn't eat Papaya while pregnant? I learned that from a sweet little lady doing my toe nails when I was barely 13 weeks along with Adelyne. "Makes baby go bye bye."

Star Fruit; pretty but also pretty tasteless.

This Dragon Fruit had an amazing color that didn't show up in the photo. It's incredibly expensive for just tasting like a kiwi.

And, of course, what would a vacation be without a trip to the local brewery?

Addy made a friend with one of the locals, Tony would be proud!