Friday, August 31, 2012

Feeling Chatty

Today is going to be a two-post day; I've made an executive decision because I am feeling chatty. We'll get back to our regularly scheduled Five for Friday post soon.

I saw this on Pinterest.
It's so true but half the time they don't sound nearly as clever or funny when said out loud.

It's like when you tell a joke but botch the punch line. I do it every time. Last night I was trying to tell Matt about a funny Facebook conversation I was having with my brother and some friends. It made me "lol" for real. But for some reason it didn't seem nearly as funny when I told it to Matt.

Do any of you other Stay at Home Moms feel like when something funny happens to you during the day, you work on perfecting the story to tell to your hubby when he gets home but it's never delivered as well as planned? Story of my life!

I think I need to get back into a better blogging routine so I can get my chattiness out before Matt comes home. I feel like I bombard him with all my stories as soon as he walks in the door, because as much as I love hanging out with Miss Adelyne all day, she's not much of a conversationalist. (We are working on that though, trying to encourage her to talk more. Curious George, who only makes annoying monkey sounds, is out and Dora or Cat and the Hat or anyone who talks normally and doesn't get into trouble all the time, is in.)

It also seems like the stories I think would be awesome blog posts turn out to be total flops. So, I start typing something only to delete it and move on to something else. But then the story never gets told, it's just floating around in my head waiting to burst on the next unfortunate person to engage in conversation with me. More often than not, that person is my husband. He's a saint for putting up with me. 

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