Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear Summer

Yesterday we went to the Splash Park for the last time this summer. Schools in Albuquerque start up again next week and the Splash Park will only be open on the weekends. Summer is slowly coming to an end.

I nor anyone else in my household have to return to school next week but I'm still feeling a little sad. Nothing will change in our daily routine but summer coming to an end brings on a different mind set that's not as care free.

 Fall in Albuquerque is great but I have absolutely loved this summer. I actually don't remember ever being this sad about the change of season. Even when I was in school, I was excited for the change. 

This summer was kind of like our first summer with Addy. She was around last year, of course, but she was so tiny and we were so busy. I remember wondering what it would feel like to be settled, to not be moving, graduating and adjusting to a new baby all at once. Maybe that's why this summer was so special to me, I didn't know how much I had been looking forward to it.

Every stage with Addy has been fun, but this summer, Addy was in my favorite stage yet. Her little personality has evolved and as fun as this summer has been, I bet the next will be even better. I can't wait!. So, let's just hurry up and get this winter over with so we can get the fun in the sun started again.

Dear Summer,
You have been good to us this year. 
We will miss your long, beautiful sunny days and rainy afternoons.
While we will not miss the heat, or the painfully hot car seats, we will forever reminisce on our many adventures with friends and family in the sun.
Dear Summer,
come back soon.

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