Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Lately, my computer has been a pain in the you know what and photos are taking a million years to download, so I've just about given up on posting anymore Hawaii pics. 

Lately, this little lady has been a bit of a drama queen. That might have something do with the fact that the P-A-C-I has been MIA lately.

Who, Me?

But, lately she has also been making me smile with her need to accessorize herself and George.

Lately we've been getting a lot of rain. Addy has taken this opportunity to wear her rain attire.

Which might still be a little too big.

I've had a happy little assistant lately, helping me stuff envelopes for half an hour.

Lately, we've gotten to see a lot of this handsome man.

And lately, I've been so thankful that him and his sweet family live just down the street. Addy LOVES them and throws little fits when we have to say good bye; total drama queen.

Lately, Addy and I have both been tired of reading books. So, I've been trying to find other activities and even made a felt activity board. Addy only plays with it for about five minutes at a time. Good thing I really enjoyed cutting out all those little pieces, it was like playing with paper dolls!

Lately, Auto Correct and myself have not been friends. Did you see my last post? Yikes!

Does anyone else remember watching Tailspin?

Lately, I've been coping with the fact that summer is almost over by buying school supplies. I just can't resist a brand new, never written in notebook!

Summer coming to an end doesn't seem to be phasing these too at all. They're all ready to go to school... in their pj's.

Happy Hump Day Friends!
Hope you are enjoying what's left of summer time.

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