Monday, April 29, 2013

28 Weeks

Yesterday marked the first day of my third and final trimester. It's the beginning of the end for pregnancy number two. Even though, I'm looking forward to sleeping on my stomach again, I'm going to miss feeling baby movements all hours of the day and I'm a little sad that this pregnancy is going by so quickly.

At 28 weeks, I'm finally feeling pretty good and craving milkshakes, cereal and anything sweet. I think I've gained about 20 pounds, we've chosen two names and I've begun to nest!

"Nesting" for me this time around means making fun things for Baby Pearl including a crocheted blanket, quilt and fun accessories. And since we have most of the essentials already, I'm excited to purchase some non-essential things like a Vera Bradley diaper bag I've had my eye on and Matt is looking into getting a new camera to capture all those precious firsts.

My biggest complaint or discomfort is that my right hip falls asleep when I lay on either side. So, settling down to fall asleep has been a bit of a challenge but once I do get to sleep, I'm out.

We're moving right along, this baby will be here before we know it!

P.S. I never did find out what the short cervix thing was all about. I'm guessing everything is fine since I haven't had any signs of pre term labor. I have an appointment with the Baby Doctor on Friday so we'll see what all the fuss was about.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday

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1. You cleaned up after the poop in the bath tub incident last night
2. Addy has been begging to go to work with you everyday this week
3. I could hear you singing next to me at church on Wednesday
4. I've been impressed by your maturity in handling things this week
5. We get to celebrate your Birthday this weekend! I'm so thankful for your life!

P.S. I love you very much :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Five for Friday

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1. You're encouraging me to nest in my own way.
2. You took Addy and the Cat in the Hat stuffed animal on an adventure in the laundry basket.
3. You like hearing about all the funny things Addy has been saying during the day
4. Holding hands was on your agenda for this weekend.
5. You're writing a letter to Addy for her two year photo book.

P.S. I love you :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Addy turned two last month and hasn't stopped talking since.


I've been keeping a little on going list of some funny things she says; little Addy-isms that make Matt and I smile. (I'm pretty sure I stole that term from a friend's blog but I'm not sure who, sorry)

"Oh! Oh! I, I know! Oh I know!" (Said with pointer finger in the air)

Only Dada is going outside today because it's cold and Dada is big and strong.
"I big, strong. I two."

"I know Carcar is."
Where is he? Is he at his house?
"No, Addy's house."

She slept in until 8:45 the other day and when she woke up she told me:
"I had good nap"

When she didn't finish her corn and I started eating it she said with a smirk on her face:
"Momma eat mys lunch. Silly Momma"

After our trip to the zoo a couple of weeks ago, she hasn't stopped talking about the Tiger who happened to be sleeping while we were there.
"Tiger wake up, play ball!"

"Two, three, eight, nine, ten, now I know mys ABC's next time sing with me! Yeah!"

"Momma, Momma, Momma! Momma! Jo-Jo, Jo-Jo."

"I call Shae on phone. Hello, where aw you? Shae at church Momma."

"You wuv me Dada?"

She's gotten in the habit of putting "Momma" at the end of almost every phrase. Yesterday, she asked Matt,
"Where Momma go, Momma?"

Since she's started talking more, it seems like she's been so much happier. It's amazing how the ability to communicate can totally change your attitude.

In other Addy news, we gave potty training another go last week. After five days and pretty much zero success, we decided to put it on hold for another month or so. Poor thing tried so hard and just didn't get it.

Potty training is hard.

Other than the potty training hurdle, Adelyne is doing really well. She's become a little sponge, learning something new everyday. We were a little concerned at her two year check up when we found out she dropped off her growth chart but after a couple weeks of laxatives, she's pooping more regularly and her appetite has increased. (Sorry for the poop reference but that was a big part of our lives for a couple of weeks). 

Even with the new challenge of discipline that comes with her growing up and the stress of potty training, we've really been enjoying the past couple months with our little two year old and looking forward to our family growing. Based on the way she treats her stuffed animals, I think she's going to be a great big sister.

"Here you go Baby Bear"

Friday, April 12, 2013

Five for Friday

1. I'm totally clueless when it comes to medicating myself. Thanks for playing doctor this week and putting me on the road to recovery while making sure the baby doesn't get over medicated.
2. "Based on a good smellin' I can tell that your melon is just fine." said in your best Cat in the Hat voice
3. You've been super supportive during potty training week
4. I'm listening to Tim McGraw's new album today based on your recommendation
5. You were totally fine with frozen pizza for dinner last night.

P.S. I love you :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

24 Weeks, 5 Days

 Well, we've reached the six month mark of pregnancy number 2. (24 weeks and 5 days if you want to get technical) Four more months to go and I'm already waddling! I'm sure that's not a good sign of things to come in the next 4 months, but at least the baby is healthy and growing. 

I pretty much hate the picture-in-the-mirror-with-the-phone-camera photos but what's a busy mom to do when she actually got dressed and no one else is around? And really what's the reality of staying dressed until the husband comes home? I'm usually sporting a pony tail and shorts by 3 pm these days.

Addy went with me to see the "baby doctor" yesterday. She managed to sit still almost the whole time and got to hear the baby's heartbeat at the end. I'm pretty sure she still has absolutely no idea what's going on but it's fun to include her.

Caption please! 

This picture is hilarious to me and needs a funny caption to go with it. Unfortunately, funny captions has never been my strong suite. Any suggestions?

I got a surprise phone call from the midwife this afternoon. It appears that my cervix is slightly shorter than what's normal. Huh? She moved my scheduled ultrasound up a few days so that she could measure me. Given my history of a normal, full term delivery, there's really nothing to worry about but she did end the conservation with "so, if you go into preterm labor over the weekend, just come on in and we'll check you out." Hmm...

Five for Friday

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1. You called the page loading symbol a "little spinny wheel thing."
2. You think it's important for you and I to be on the same page when it comes to parenting, as do I and I'm sorry if we've been on different pages lately.
3. "Dada wear blue pants!"
4.  I like that you're more adventurous than most men when it comes to clothes
5. You're excited to hang out with our friends tonight

P.S. I love you :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter and March in the 505

March was a busy month for the Danners. It began with a shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our newest nephew and ended with the little guy's arrival on Easter weekend. In between, Addy turned two, Momma's belly continued to grow and Dad somehow managed to stay sane in a house full of rather emotional girls.

Spring Wreath // The expecting Mommas // Lunch outside // Bubbles // Making Addy's Orange Dress // Sick little lady sleeping on Momma // Happy Birthday Adelyne // Trying to catch a family pic // Grandma and the Birthday Girl

Happy St. Patty's Day // Being two is tiring // Big Girl at her two year well check // 22 Weeks // Sweet Quiet Time // Surprise Sleep Over with Carter // Kite Flying // Carter is a big brother // Meeting Baby Everett

On Friday morning we got a surprise visit from Cousin Carter. He stayed at our house while his Mom "went to the hospital to get baby brother." 

Welcome to the family Everett Bear!

That also happened to be the same weekend as Easter and Grandma's Birthday. It was a big weekend and poor Addy ended up sick (she likes to pick days where she's expected to dress up and smile for pictures to come down with a cold). But even with a sick, grumpy two year old, we managed to have a nice, laid back weekend celebrating the resurrection of Christ with family.

"Easter 2013"

This was Addy's first year to hunt Easter Eggs and she did a great job. She's been hiding them in the house ever since, in the same spot under the ottoman.

That's what we've been up to lately. 

Happy Belated Easter friends!