Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter and March in the 505

March was a busy month for the Danners. It began with a shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our newest nephew and ended with the little guy's arrival on Easter weekend. In between, Addy turned two, Momma's belly continued to grow and Dad somehow managed to stay sane in a house full of rather emotional girls.

Spring Wreath // The expecting Mommas // Lunch outside // Bubbles // Making Addy's Orange Dress // Sick little lady sleeping on Momma // Happy Birthday Adelyne // Trying to catch a family pic // Grandma and the Birthday Girl

Happy St. Patty's Day // Being two is tiring // Big Girl at her two year well check // 22 Weeks // Sweet Quiet Time // Surprise Sleep Over with Carter // Kite Flying // Carter is a big brother // Meeting Baby Everett

On Friday morning we got a surprise visit from Cousin Carter. He stayed at our house while his Mom "went to the hospital to get baby brother." 

Welcome to the family Everett Bear!

That also happened to be the same weekend as Easter and Grandma's Birthday. It was a big weekend and poor Addy ended up sick (she likes to pick days where she's expected to dress up and smile for pictures to come down with a cold). But even with a sick, grumpy two year old, we managed to have a nice, laid back weekend celebrating the resurrection of Christ with family.

"Easter 2013"

This was Addy's first year to hunt Easter Eggs and she did a great job. She's been hiding them in the house ever since, in the same spot under the ottoman.

That's what we've been up to lately. 

Happy Belated Easter friends!

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