Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today's Letters

This post was inspired by the blog Today's Letters.

Dear Geico Auto Insurance, you make the headaches of getting in a car wreck not so bad. 
Dear Person Who Rear-Ended Me, thanks for having Geico Auto Insurance.
Dear Lady at Enterprise, I liked the way your purple nails matched your purple shirt and purple eye makeup but did you really think I was going to just put my 4 month old in the car in her car seat without the base? 
Dear Smith's Grocery Store on Wyoming, you have the friendliest employees and I love that when I shop there, I rack up points to save money on gas. 
Dear Hoover, your Sprint Quickvac and FloreMate make me look forward to cleaning my house. 
Dear Husband, thank you for working hard everyday so that we could buy a new refrigerator. I love how it makes all our food look so much more delicious. 
Dear Daughter, I hope you never stop looking at me like I hung the moon. 
Dear World, Thanks for reading.
-Katie :)

I've Been Watchin' You Dad

In the past couple of weeks, Addy has become quite the Daddy's Girl. She's always liked him, of course, but recently her fondness of him has turned into an infatuation.

Father's Day Morning

She just stares at him. It doesn't matter what he's doing or saying, she thinks it's the coolest thing ever.
  She hangs on his every word, and when she gets his attention, she gives him the biggest, cutest, toothless smile ever. 

We're pretty big fans of Dad around here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Baby, New House, New Job, New Look=New Lifestyle

Apart from this being a really bad picture of the 3 of us (someone please tell me how to pose holding a 3 month old for family photos), I feel like it accurately sums up the changes that have been happening in our lives lately.

Within a 3 month time span I went from being a full-time working woman and bread winner of our little household to the Mother of a beautiful little girl, wife to an attorney, aunt to a handsome little man, homeowner and unemployed. And to top it all off, after my last day of work, I chopped off 5 inches of my hair!

That's just the way we Danner's like to do things... all at once! It's kind of like when I graduated from college, got married, moved to the 505 and started a brand new job, all within a months time.

There's not a lot about my life that's the same as it was a year ago. I like that though, I love to look back and see how our life has progressed and to see how God has been working in it. I feel like with each year, I get to see a little bit more of the big picture. Who knows what God has in store for us next. A year from now, things could be much the same as they are now or they could be totally different. We'll just have to wait and see.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

On a Roll

Last night was a big night in the Danner home because after weeks of acting like she was about to do it, Addy rolled over!!!!

She had been hanging out on her side like this for weeks, not quite able to make the final push to end up on her tummy. This was a new development during my last two weeks of work. I would get off work and my Mom or Mother-in-law would say: "She want's to roll over so bad, but I told her to wait until her Mom was around." And just like the sweet little thing she is, she waited until both Matt and I were home and giving her our full attention.

"Go Addy Go! Go Addy Go!" After much encouragement from Dad, Addy rolled from her back to tummy not once, but 3 times! She would get the funniest look on face like she was thinking, "Hey, how come everything's not upside down anymore?" Too cute!

Since we've moved into our new house, Addy has found her toes, chuckled for the first time (sweetest thing I have ever heard) and rolled over! She is developing so fast, I can't keep up! This is just another reason I am so thankful to be home with her. Now, if we could just get to sleep through night....

Monday, June 20, 2011

New "Job"

Today is the first day of my new role as a Stay at Home Mom! I am thrilled and so thankful that I will be able to spend the days with my sweet little girl.

The 2 1/2 weeks I spent at work were not bad at all, but I definitely gained a new respect for working moms. Saying goodbye to Addy and getting out the door on time was the hardest part. I was late every day. How do you ladies do it?

I have a long list of things that I am excited to do now that I am home fulltime.

I am hoping to do more blogging,
Give this sweet girl lots of kisses,

Make and monitor a family budget,
Crochet a pretty blanket,

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Walk off my baby weight,
Make lots of fun creative cards,

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Bake lots of fun summer goodies,

And snuggle with this cutie pie.

Do you have any fun "To-Do's" this summer?

P.S. Most of these images are from Pinterest... have you discovered the fun to be had on that site yet?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Addy is 3 Months Old!

Today is sweet Adelyne's 3 month Birthday!

It's kind of sad that my baby is growing up, but I have actually been looking forward to today for a couple of weeks. We've been so busy with moving, work and a long list of to-do's that I found myself looking forward to some uninterrupted Addy time during our monthly photo session.

She didn't have a visit to the doctor this month so I have no idea how much she weighs or how long she is. I can tell she is growing though! Today she wore one of her 3 month outfits for the first time.

Mr. Monkey made his monthly appearance. I'm sure they will be great friends one day, but right now, she is more interested in toys that make noise and her hands. She LOVES her hands and won't stop sucking on them. I'm a mean Mom and move them away whenever I see them making their way to her mouth. She doesn't talk and smile as much when she is busy chewing her hand.

 She's a growing girl!

She made the transition into the new house smoothly and has been sleeping more than she ever has. After 7 hours of sleep, I felt like a new person!