Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today's Letters

This post was inspired by the blog Today's Letters.

Dear Geico Auto Insurance, you make the headaches of getting in a car wreck not so bad. 
Dear Person Who Rear-Ended Me, thanks for having Geico Auto Insurance.
Dear Lady at Enterprise, I liked the way your purple nails matched your purple shirt and purple eye makeup but did you really think I was going to just put my 4 month old in the car in her car seat without the base? 
Dear Smith's Grocery Store on Wyoming, you have the friendliest employees and I love that when I shop there, I rack up points to save money on gas. 
Dear Hoover, your Sprint Quickvac and FloreMate make me look forward to cleaning my house. 
Dear Husband, thank you for working hard everyday so that we could buy a new refrigerator. I love how it makes all our food look so much more delicious. 
Dear Daughter, I hope you never stop looking at me like I hung the moon. 
Dear World, Thanks for reading.
-Katie :)

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