Thursday, January 23, 2014

Remington is 6 Months Old!

This smiley little guy had his half birthday yesterday, he's 6 months old!

Once again, the weather was on the gloomy side, which is odd because it was really nice the day before. But that's ok, we spent the morning at church, Remi now is old enough for the nursery, and had a nice afternoon at home.

He hasn't been a big fan of naps the past few weeks and seems to wake up at 2:30 pm no matter what time I put him down. So, instead of fighting it, I've learned to embrace it and just plan on a little extra cuddle time and sometimes we will nap together.

Remi loves tags and pulling hair. (Such a little brother thing to do)

For not being able to crawl, he's pretty mobile; pivoting on his stomache and pushing himself backwards, which is never really where he intends to go.

Big Boy started solid foods this month; rice cereal, apples, pears and sweet potatoes.

"What up yo?"

He looks like a combination of my Dad, Brother and Nephew here. 

Remi's a busy little guy, never sitting still and very curious about the world about him. We love watching him learn new things and his laugh is contagious. 

Happy Half Birthday Buddy!
We love you.

Check out months, 1 through 5 here.

And because it's fun looking back, heres what Addy was up to at 6 months.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Five for Friday

1. You've given me multiple pep talks over last couple weeks and they always help
2. You cherish the quality time you and Addy have together when she's not acting like a you kniw what
3. You're a much better cook than, I really don't know why I even try
4. The song, "I Wanna Be Your Friday Night" makes me think of our champagne Fridays
5. Thanks for leading our family in praying  and reading the word more.

P.S. I wanna be your jackpot, sweet spot, wide open road In a candy apple tag top. 😉

P.P.S. Thanks for bringing home pretty pink flowers, made my week!