Friday, August 31, 2012

Addy's New Apron

Addy's new favorite activity is pretending to "cook." She usually plays on the bottom shelf of the pantry with whatever random object she's found or I've handed to her. She has a pretty good imagination and keeps herself entertained for awhile.

Cookin' up a little bracelet and lid soup. Yum!

Love that bed head!

Lately, she has been asking to wear one of my aprons. It's obviously way to big on her and constantly falls off. So, I decided to make her one her own size.

I had a blast making it for her, the whole time thinking about how cute it would look on her and how excited she would be about it. Imagine how disappointed I was when she wanted absolutely nothing to do with it! It actually hurt my feelings a little bit. I mean, come on! It has a pocket and everything! Then   I remembered that she was only 18 months old and eventually she let me slip it over her head. She wore it for the rest of the afternoon and I spent the next half hour on the kitchen floor just watching her play.

"Addy, where's your apron?"

She still doesn't love her new apron, I have to talk her into wearing it instead of mine. Oh well, I'm sure that won't be the last time she doesn't like something I make for her.

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