Saturday, May 21, 2016

Britton is 8 Months Old!

Our littlest one turned 8 months old yesterday and in an effort to pause time, I'm finally doing a blog update on him.

I just love this curious, almost crawling, scooting everywhere stage and I find myself often wishing that he didn't have to grow up anymore. We're planning on him being the last baby and I don't have the hopes of another little to snuggle to get me through this first year where everything changes so quickly. The only thing I can do is try to soak up as much of his littleness as I can.

Britton is 8 months old and finally (FINALLY!!) sleeping better at night. We've been doing the dream feed and it seems to be working. 

Everyone asks me if he is always happy and for the most part he is. As a third child though, he has gotten used to always having someone around and he has begun crying when we leave the room. But other than that, he's a pretty content lil' guy who loves to play and wrestle with his big brother and sister.

Addy enjoys playing the big sister role, looking after and "taking care" of her baby brother, but Britton really likes her obnoxious 5 year old behavior which can always make him laugh out loud.

Britton is also very loved by his big brother Remi even though Britton has a tendency to look past him (as pictured above). Every once in awhile though, Remi will do something that makes Britton chuckle.

At 8 months, Britton isn't crawling yet but he gets around pretty well by rolling or scooting. His scoot is pretty funny as it's not really a scoot, but more like and army crawl where he gets up on one elbow/forearm and throws his body forward, pushing off with his feet. His brother and sister are starting to get more protective of their toys as he gets more mobile. 

 Another notable milestone is that Britton has become quite the eater! After a stint of throwing up any purees I made him, we gave the Baby Led Weaning method a try and he's loving it! He will usually join us for every meal now, munching or gnawing on bell peppers, pork chops and chicken. This afternoon he even had some cheese slices with the big kids.

He's just a sweet, happy little guy who probably needs a hair cut soon.

Floppy hair, don't care.

He loves the feel of the tile and can somehow scoot himself all the way across the living room to it.

I usually find him sleeping on his tummy and when he is working on falling asleep he puts a blanket over his head.

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