Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Britton is 3 Months Old

Baby Brudder Britton is three months old! 

You can tell that Britton is a third child by the lack of blog posts about him. Don't tell him this but I find it really hard to do his monthly posts since he doest do a whole lot at this point. But I would feel like a slacker if I just completely gave up on them, so this is my attempt to play catch up.

Life was pretty chaotic around his one month birthday, but we did manage to snap a photo with the nice camera though and before that we had newborn pictures taken which I absolutely love. 

Lisa Burke did a great job, didn't she?

At two months, Britton had another trip to the doctor where he got several shots. Of course he cried but I think it might have hurt his older siblings a little more than it did him. They were very sweet to him though and held his hand the whole time. 

Addy helped out with his two month photos. 
"Want to take a selfie?"

And now at 3 months old, Baby Britton is sleeping up to 7 hours at night (hallelujah!!), smiling and cooing and making us fall more in love with him everyday.

Everyone comments on how laid back he is and for the most part it's true. Perhaps it's his personality or he's just easily entertained by the chaos around him. Either way, I'm pretty thankful for him and can't wait to watch him grow.

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