Thursday, December 17, 2015


Over the past four and a half years of mommy hood, I have gotten used to changes and transitions. The first year of having a baby is full of transitions; transition from three naps to two, up all night to (hopefully) sleeping through the night. They begin on a diet of breast milk or formula and then you introduce solid food and your routine is totally different. Once you get used to doing something one way, their needs change. Things are constantly changing and I'd like to think that I've done a pretty good job of rolling with it over the years. 

We have a pretty big change on the horizon and to me it's bigger and harder to process than adding another kiddo to the mix. My sweet little Addy Grace will be going to Kindgarten in the fall. She is thrilled but her momma is an emotional mess about it and thinking that maybe I'm really not that great with change. 

I've known it was coming for four years now and I've actually been excited about it. I mean, can't you just picture her in her "1st Day of Kindergarten" photo? She's going to be the cutest little student. She's so excited and I'm excited for her. But I'm also a little sad and I can't really tell you why.

Perhaps those silly hormones are still to blame (I gave birth less than three months ago after all) or maybe its events that have taken place over the past couple of months. Whatever it is, this momma is having a hard time. 

The most stressful part about Addy going to Kindergarten is that Matt and I have to make a decision about where she will go. Praise the Lord that we have several really great choices. Whether we choose classical, a family school, a private or public school, I am sure she will do just fine. But making that decision is really really hard! It's probably our biggest decision to make as parents yet and I kind of wish we had another four years to just put it off.

But alas, all children must grow up sometime and Addy must go to school. And eventually she will be followed by Remi and then Britton and my heart might just break a little each time. Thankfully these changes come in phases and not all at once.

Praise the Lord that He is sovereign and He is trustworthy with the lives of my children. And I will continue to learn to trust Him more and more. 

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