Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Remington is 2 and a Half Years Old

Today is our little man's half birthday.

He gets older everyday but today seems especially significant because Remi is no longer just two, he's two and a half and to me that's kind of a big deal.

Our two and a half year old is an energetic, busy little guy who never stops talking. He's loud and crazy, always moving and so so funny.

Remi is always ready to lend a hand when his dad is working on a project and he's disappointed when there's no more work left to do. 

A fun fact about Remi is that he loves beverages of any kind. A phrase we often hear is: "Can I try some dat?" You can't fix yourself a cup of coffee or enjoy a soda without him asking for some. And if he is lucky enough to actually get to try something, chances are he's going to like it.

After using his sister's tea cups for a few days, he and his dad decided he needed a "man cup." Now, Remi has afternoon tea in his man cup frequently. Doesn't matter if it's hot or cold, the kids loves him some liquid goodness.

He loves to play with his cousins and friends but is sometimes more content to help his momma in the kitchen. (The stove was NOT on in the photo above)

We hadn't planned on potty training until he was closer to three, but a bad case of diarrhea sped our plans up a little bit and Remi has been a rockstar thanks in part to some new Paw Patrol "unders."

"I call them 'unders' cause we got them at the store."

Makes sense.

When he is in unders, I've restricted him to the tile and he's done a great job of following the rules, even though that means he has to watch Paw Patrol from the dinning room. Did I mention that he is a big Paw Patrol fan?

I got to take Remi on a special Christmas Shopping date the other day. He had an idea of what he wanted to get his siblings and his dad and he wasn't to be swayed. He also insisted on carrying the basket the entire time. "I hold it, I strong." He did a great job of keeping his gifts a secret until today at lunch. I started to tell him something when he cut me off….

"I want to tell Addy something."


"Addy, you can find out on Christmas."

Find out what Remi? Find out what you got me?!?

"I got you a Barbie!"


Another thing about Remington, that I've recently learned, is that he's pretty handy with glue. We made snow flake ornaments the other day and to my surprise, he set at the table for a decent amount of time gluing buttons onto his snowflake with little help from me. 

I'll end this half birthday update with a funny conversation between Remi and his dad:

Remi, whats your favorite color?


What's your favorite super hero?


And what do you want to be when you grow up?


This is a photo from our newborn session with Britton and I think Remi looks especially handsome.

Happy Half Birthday to handsome fella!

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