Friday, January 4, 2013

"Choo Choo Day!"

The other day Matt was feeding Addy and as usual, Addy was talking about a "choo choo." Matt asked her if she would like to ride on a choo choo, a big choo choo. He asked if she would like to ride the Rail Runner up to Santa Fe and if she thought her cousin Carter would like to go too. She of course said yes, "I wide! I wide!"

So we had a plan, on Saturday, which happened to be 3 days away, we would go on a little adventure. Carter was invited, his parents said "yes," and so we began counting down the days until Saturday when we would ride the big choo choo.

We loaded up the kiddos in time to catch the 9:20 train. On the way to the station, Carter kept saying "Choo choo day! Choo choo day!" We found out later that that was something he came up with all on his own.

Addy and Carter did great on the 45 minute train ride. They had snacks, and took turns spying horses, cows and trucks out the window. Addy would ask for "more" which is kind of her way of saying she likes something these days and Carter would say "all aboard!"

In Santa Fe we ate at one of our favorite places, the Rooftop Pizzeria. We took a similar trip to Santa Fe about a year ago and ate at the same restaurant. Addy wasn't even walking yet but it was a fun outing for our little family. This time, we enjoyed reminiscing and praising God for how far he has brought us in a year.

Carter was such a little trooper, going with the flow, as if he was one of our own. I wonder what people thought when they saw us with two kids, about the same age who kind of look a like. Brother and Sister? Twins? Cousins?

The next train headed back home to Albuquerque didn't leave until 3:20 and by that time these two were tired little kiddos. We ordered some coffee at Flying Star while we waited for the train and let them play in the booth. They quickly started to melt.

When we finally got back on the train, it didn't take very long for Carter crash. I'm a lucky Aunt and got to snuggle all the way home.

It took a little longer for Addy to fall asleep, but once she did, she was out.

She was pretty disoriented when she woke up, and who wouldn't be after sleeping folded in half like that?

We were all exhausted after our adventure to Santa Fe but we had a blast and made some very special memories. Weeks later, we're still talking about "Choo Choo Day."

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