Monday, May 18, 2015

Our {2015} Summer Bucket List

You might not be able to tell by looking out the window (it's currently windy and raining), but summer time is here! Schools are wrapping up this week and I'm seeing a lot of summer to-do lists popping up on Pinterest. 

Summer time is my favorite. This will be my last summer with only two kiddos in tow and although my belly is only going to get bigger and my amount of energy smaller, I plan to make the most of it. So, for the first time ever, I'm creating a summer bucket list for the Danner family. (I don't know why I've never  done this before, I love lists!) I've scoured the internet, asked friends, resorted to previous favorites and I think I've managed to come up with a fun and doable list. 

The Danner Family's 2015 Summer Bucket List

*Summer Reading Program at Our Local Library*
This is fun and easy and great for toddlers, pre-schoolers and adults! All you have to do is record what books you read during the week, then take the list into the library for fun prizes. Addy has always loved being read to and Remi has really gotten into books lately too. I got a Kindle for Mother's Day so I am sure the 3 of us won't have trouble getting those weekly prizes. 

I learned about this one through someone's blog. If you read 8 books over the summer and record them in their Reading Journal, (download online) you get to pick out a FREE book from their Reading Journal list.

*Swimming Lessons*
Addy loves being in the water and I'm anxious for her to be able to swim on her own. There are a few places in Albuquerque where she can go every morning during the week for two weeks. I'm leaning towards lessons at our public pools, they seem convenient and affordable.

I heard about this last summer but have yet to try it out. All you have to do is register your kids online and they can bowl free at Silva Lanes! You do have to pay for their shoe rental. This would be a fun outing on a rainy day or if we need a break from the heat.

I don't know any of the bands on the schedule this year but I am hoping we can make it to one of these. It's such a pretty venue and the zoo is a lot of fun at night when some of the nocturnal animals are more active. And who doesn't love a picnic with live music?

*The Alameda Spray Park*
I call this "Addy's Happy Place." We've been going to the spray park ever since Addy was just a year old. It's so much fun and so cheap! And with no deep end, you don't have to worry about anyone drowning. It doesn't open until 11 so we usually pack a lunch and hope that no one falls asleep on the way home. 

*Homemade Ice Pops*
We've already made a few batches of homemade ice pops this year. Our strawberry ice pops were a hit! Our second batch made of bananas and cantaloup that I threw together has been sitting uneaten in the freezer for months, because they're gross and way, way to sweet! We need to redeem ourselves in that area.

*Uptown Target*
We could do this all year but everything is more fun during the summer time right? The Uptown Target has a parking lot underneath it, an elevator and an escalator for carts which is all very exciting when you're 4 and almost 2. Their cafe overlooks another Starbucks cafe, which is odd but it's also a fun, bright place to kill a little bit of time and watch the cars go by. Some of my favorite memories of Addy and I waiting on little brother to arrive were spent there.

*Picnics in the Park*
We have a lovely little park within walking distance from our house, sadly it's hot and completely awful during the summertime. This summer we will be exploring the town and finding new, shady places to picnic. There's a nice park on the westside with a duck pond and we found the park in Corrales to be really nice, with huge trees.

*Book Store and Flying Star on Rio Grande*
The flying start on Rio Grande is my favorite during the summertime because you can sit outside and the kids like to watch all the dogs that also like to sit on the patio. Theres a cute little book store next to the restaurant where we used to go to story time. We've since outgrown their story time but I think the kids would enjoy reading books there.

*The Zoo or the Aquarium/Biopark*
Note to self: invest in a pass! 
If you don't have a pass, this could get a little pricey. If you do have a pass, you could go to the zoo just to see the polar bears and head home not feeling like you wasted $15. Or you could go to the aquarium, which takes 20 minutes to walk through and get lunch at McDonalds afterwards. The pass allows you 
to be flexible. 

Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 10 am at the Cottonwood and Regal Winrock Theatres they are showing G and PG movies for a $1. Neither of my kids have seen a movie on the big screen but this seems like a great way to give it a shot!

*The Corrales Pool*
This is our favorite pool in Albuquerque. We had Remi's first Birthday party there and everyone seemed to like it. Theres a slide and an inclined entrance. I tried to find out when they open on their website but the link didn't go anywhere. Hoping they will still be open this summer!

*Date Nights!!*
Pappadeaux's patio, dollar movies….. any other suggestions? I can't get past Pappadeaux at the moment.

I think that's about it. 

What's on your summer bucket list? Please share!

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Jessica Lynn said...

Too funny, I have a summer bucket list going up either this friday or early next week! Although, mine looks a lot different than yours since we have absolutely zero cool places to go here—I so wish we lived in's too hot to even go to one of the three (yup, only three) parks here.

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