Monday, May 11, 2015

Half Way Baked {20 Weeks with Baby D}

We are officially half way through this pregnancy with Baby Danner #3!!

Matt and I went to our 20 week ultrasound on Friday and although we might not have found out the sex like most people do, we had a great time and were thrilled to see our little one moving and squirming around in it's cozy womb.

I always forget how much fun the 20 week ultrasound is and I'm excited to get another peek at the baby in a month since they didn't get all the measurements they needed. The tech did, however, say that Baby D was measuring 11 days ahead of schedule, which at this point means we could meet our little one earlier than expected, or…. we might have another nine plus pound baby on our hands. Oh my!

That's it for this week's update, here's a look back at the previous month with Baby Danner.

Yes, that is a Target sticker on my belly. Addy insisted that the Baby needed it.

You can't beat 19 weeks with your toes in the sand!

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