Friday, April 17, 2015

Interruptions of Gratitude: Time with Grandparents

I've been having a lot of anxiety lately, particularly about loosing the ones I love. The kids will talk about their grandparents and how much they like them and have fun with them, it makes me so happy but those happy thoughts are always tainted with the fear that something might happen to them and they won't get to see them anymore. It's a fear that's weird and unfounded but it's there and I'm trying to fight it. I'm trying to fight it with interruptions of gratitude. 

The last two days the kids and I have spent with Matt's parents and it's been really special. They live in Albuquerque but with all of our busy schedules it's sometimes hard to see them. 

Gramps joined us at ballet yesterday to watch Addy dance and took us to lunch afterwards. Today, Granmarie went plant shopping with us, bought us lunch and took Addy on a little shopping spree at the dollar store. 

We've not only been blessed with food in our tummies, but the Lord has also blessed us with sweet time together in the midst of my anxiety and I'm grateful.


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