Monday, June 15, 2015

25 Weeks with Baby D

The last month since my previous pregnancy update has been full of ups and downs. Matt and I celebrated our 7th anniversary, I had another ultrasound and all four of us got a nasty stomach bug that knocked us out for about a week. Needless to say, it's been a little rough on my already emotional self. Thankfully, every day gets us closer to meeting our little one. 

My second ultrasound (and probably last, if everything continues to go well) was a special one because my Mom got to join me. The tech said our little one had a beautiful heart which is always encouraging to hear. She also said he or she was measuring even bigger than at our last ultrasound, with a possible due date of 9/11 which is 17 days ahead of schedule. 

*Enter big eyed emoji here*

Since I have a little bit of experience with large babies, (Remi was a day late and over nine pounds) Im not getting my  hopes up. Im planning on a very large October baby and anything different will be a pleasant surprise. 

Everything else has been going well. I'm finding that a good night's sleep, good food and a walk before bed help keep me sane and in less pain. When my energy levels are up, I have an overwhelming desire to organize everything in the house and am having fun finding things for the new Big Kid's room and baby room. 

With all we've had going on lately, I've been slacking on taking any baby bump pics, but here are the two I've managed to capture:

This was on the night we celebrated our anniversary. We had such a great evening and I'm so thankful for our special time together. 

And here we have all three of my babies. One is doing flips in my tummy while one begs to be held and the other attempts to tie a ribbon around her waist. 
I love them all. 

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