Wednesday, July 15, 2015

30 Weeks with Baby D #3

Tomorrow marks 31 weeks with Baby Danner Number 3. So I thought this would be a pretty good time to get my 30 week update posted. Better late than never right?

Im 30 weeks, 6 days pregnant with my 3rd child and my mind has gone to mush. In the words of my (almost) two year old: "I so tired." Trying to formulate sentences makes my head hurt, so I'll just leave you with these baby bump photos from the past month. There may be a few weeks missing because my midwife moved up my due date from September 28th to the 17th. Which means, I basically skipped two weeks of pregnancy! Of course, we all know that due dates don't really mean anything and that baby's come when they're ready but I like feeling like I'm a little bit farther along.

This babe already has a team of doctors taking care of it.

Thankful for some sweet quiet time by the river in downtown Vail. I want to go back.

Taking the Chair Lift up Copper Mountain. This was right before I dropped my water bottle and my sweet hubby rode back up to retrieve it for me.

29 weeks at 10,000 in beautiful Colorado.

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