Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Remington is 3.5 Months Old

Our (big) little guy turned 3 months old.... 3 weeks ago. Oops! I'm a little behind. Better late than never though right?

You can't look at this picture without smiling.

Even though I'm tardy with my post, these pictures were actually taken on the day he turned 3 months old and since then I've been keeping a few notes about him on my phone: 

 He is constantly kicking his socks off
He's become my little buddy and I secretly love how he's the happiest with me
He wakes up in the best mood, cooing and making cute little noises from his crib
He's trying really really hard to roll over but he's not quite there yet

This cute little sign used to be my Dad's. He recently passed it on to Remi, his name sake. Kayo was my Dad's nickname growing up and it's Remi's middle name.

Gotta love that slobbery smile!

Happy 3 months big guy!

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