Saturday, November 23, 2013

Remington is 4 Months Old

It was a cold, gloomy day here in the 505 on Remi's four month birthday. We had the lights on in our house almost all day and I had a hard time getting any good pictures of our wiggly, always moving, little guy.

The good news though, is that Mr. Blue Monkey made it out of Addy's room. When Addy saw that Remi was playing with his sock monkey, she ran and grabbed her's so they could play together. I prefer to keep these monthly posts about Remi (Addy got her own) but I think this photo is too cute not to share.

Pajamas and sock monkeys

This is a typical Remi look these days. He likes to suck on everything, including his bottom lip.

I just posted his three month post a couple weeks ago, but it seems like since then Remi has changed and started to do more. He's still not rolling over but has started to grab and hold onto things. He's become very curious and aware of the world around him, preferring to stroke my face or watch football rather than eat. 

Here's a fun four month fact: Remi loves to watch TV.

Even though he doesn't seem to be quite as interested in eating as he once was, he's sleeping well and seems to be growing. We will get a better feel for how he's doing at his four month well check on Tuesday.

 For now, happy four months Remington!

Hopefully this gloomy weather will go away soon so we can get some better photos next month.

Check out months one, two and three here.

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Jessica Lynn said...

He is so, so cute! I love seeing pictures of babies with their siblings, too. Adorable.

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