Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Little Addy Update {Addy-isms Vol. 3}

Since things have been kind of baby-centered around here lately and I'm not sure when I will get the chance to do this again, I think this is the perfect time to change things up a bit and post a little update on Miss Adelyne.

This little lady has been a joy to be around lately. 

She's growing up quickly, talking all the time and always surprising us with something new. Even though she's had her share of the terrible two moments, she's also been super sweet and caring.

She's had a rough week, breaking in a molar and fighting off fevers. I wouldn't be surprised if she woke up a foot taller tomorrow, she's been sleeping so much. Even though she's been dragging, she hasn't been grumpy and I've actually enjoyed some of the extra snuggle time.

Her little imagination has really taken off and she loves to play pretend. She'll go on frequent trips to the grocery store, located at the front door of our house, and come back with all sorts of things, even knew Mommas. 

She's turned into quite the little fish and loves to be in the water. The last time we were at the pool, her Dad and Granmarie would throw her into the water. Even with her floaties on, she would go under water for a while, but it didn't phase her one bit. She loved it.

This is a typical Addy stance. When she's trying to tell a story or explain, she'll tilt her head to the side and cross her arms in front of her.

I've done my best to keep up with cute or funny things she's been saying, but it keeps getting harder and harder as she talks more. Below are some of the things I've been able to write down:

Addy: "I see a big rock!"
Matt: "That's the mountain"

"You do the ho pokey!"

"I'm a sweetie, not a sweetie pie."

"Happy Father's Day Dada! Happy Father's Day Dada! Happy Father's Day Dada...... You wanna say Happy Father's Day to me?"

"You still playin' checkers? 
Ok, my dog want to play too."

"I give you a shot, this is the shotter."

(Singing) "Hmmmmm, hmmmm makin' somethin' for my Mom! Hm mmmm makin' coffee mmm hmmmm."

When she was sick I told her I couldn't share my water because I had to deliver a baby soon and couldn't get sick. She replied with "And I help you take care of the baby?"

"I'm gonna spread my wings and fly like a bird!"
I told you she was growing up quickly.

Oh and yesterday she sang Happy Birthday to me, like the whole song. It was precious!

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