Thursday, June 13, 2013

Towers and Sand Pies

Addy has been all about Curious George for a long time. It's usually her first choice when she gets to watch a show and we've seen both Curious George and Curious George 2 the movies many, many times as well as every Curious George episode.

Thanks to the PBS Kids app on our ipad, we're onto something new; Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's a cartoon spin off of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and Addy loves it. The episodes are only about 10 minutes long so Addy has watched the 4 episodes on the app several times. The first time she watched one, I asked if she wanted to watch it again and she said: "Yes! He's my friend!"

It's crazy to see how the show has influenced the way Addy plays. In one episode, the characters try to build a tower with blocks. Addy asks to build a tower, or a "towel," everyday now and the other day she came up to me and said "I stand next to tower, you take picture?" 

So, here we have Addy in front of her "baby" tower.

We just got a new DSLR camera and I think it makes Addy look about a year older. Who is that pretty girl leaning on my ottoman?

In another episode, the characters make sand pies. I'm pretty sure that Addy had no idea what a sand pie was before watching this show but the other day I walked into her room and she said "Look what I made! A sand pie like Daniel Towel (Tiger)! You tend eat it, not for reals."

Addy's sand pie consisted of a round block (also used for building towers) with three bracelets wrapped around it. 

"I make sand pie for you."

We've also watched an episode where Daniel Tiger has a sleep over at a friend's house and sees something in the dark that scares him. Now, Addy has to sleep with her closet door closed and I move everything away from her night light so that there aren't any weird shadows. Had I known what that episode was about, we probably wouldn't have watched it.

Over all though, I think Daniel Tiger is an improvement on George. They sing fun little tunes like "Just keep trying and you'll get better" that Addy sings along to and the main character isn't constantly getting into trouble. Now, if they would just add more episodes to the app.

What shows are your kiddos into? 

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