Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May in the 505

May has come and gone. Sumer is here. Life is good in the 505. 

These monthly recap posts might not be the most exciting thing to hit the blogesphere, but I love looking back at them and they are super helpful when making family yearbooks.

So, with that said, here's a little look at what we were up to this past month.

 Giggles with Dad // Miss Julie and Baby Colton came to visit // Riding the Merry Go Round // Addy got a bike // Watching Golf // Our Little Gardener

Lunch date at Target // Bubbles with Granmarie // "Look at me Momma!" // Coffee Date with friends // Swimming Lessons // Sweet Girlfriends

In addition to play dates, swimming lessons and a new bike, Addy got to spend 4 days in Las Cruces with her Gran and Papa where she went on coffee dates with Papa and planted flowers with Gran. I would share some of those pictures too but my computer is freaking out, so that's all for now.

Happy June friends!

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