Friday, May 31, 2013

Addy-isms Volume 2

It's getting harder and harder to keep up with the cute and funny things Addy is saying lately. "Addy-isms" have changed from silly phrases that we would often hear from her, to funny little conversations Matt and I have with her. Below are some of the most recent ones that I've managed to write down.

Did you have a good morning?
"Yes! Ya! I did! Went or Carcar's house then went store then came back!"

"I have fever on my head"

"O I know! I go get thingamiger for you.
First (with pointer finger in the air) got to get baby doll!" 

She calls Fruit Snacks, "Snack Fruits" and I usually have to stop and think about what they are actually called because I've gotten used to calling them Snack Fruits.

She's started calling me "Mom," which I'm actually not OK with but have a hard time correcting her. It just seems to early to go from Momma to Mom.

"I did it all my by self!"

What did you do at Gran and Pappa's house?
"Played and played and played!!!"

"We gotta go to store get new Addy."
We need a new Addy?
"Yes! This one doesn't work! Gotta get new one."

The other day she totally referred to the baby and I as "You guys." It took me a while to figure out that the other guy in "guys" was the baby. She's a clever little thing.

Dadda and Gramps are out there working.
"They work too hard. I work too hard too."

"I be back soon, finish my work."

"Come this way corn, I want eat you."

Do you think you're going to have a baby brother or a baby sister?
"Baby brother, like Carcar."

In other Addy news, she's been taking swimming lessons at the Jewish Community Center on Sunday mornings with her Dad and she LOVES it! I tagged along to watch last Sunday and that smile never left her face, except when it was time to get out.

Matt and Addy have been quite the little twosome lately, swimming, working in the backyard and running random errands. Everyday when Matt leaves for work she either asks if she can go with him or she'll give him one of her stuffed animals to keep him company during the day. 

She's started to conquer her fear of dogs and really come out of her shell when it comes to playing and interacting with her friends. She loves to go on play dates or have people over to house, even though she may not act like it at the time, she'll talk about what she did with her friends week later.

Addy still loves babies and we are looking forward to seeing her interact with our new little baby in just a few short months! We're all anxious to see if she's right and if we will bringing home a blue bundle of joy this time.

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