Thursday, May 2, 2013

April in the 505

It seemed that April was the month for battling sickness in our house. All three of us were down with something at some point and I learned that my pregnant body is awful at fighting off colds after suffering from one for two weeks. Thankfully we have two great sets of grandparents that are always wiling to help out when Momma needs some rest.

It wasn't all sneezing and coughing though, we did enjoy quite a few good days and even got to celebrate Cousin Carter and Matt's Birthdays.

Donuts for Carter's Bday // Chillin' with Baby Bear // Saturday Morning Pancakes // A Good Reminder // Matt got his golf buddy back // "I look good momma!" // Baby kisses // The book must have been thrilling // New shades for Momma

Matt did a lot of work in the back yard, planting trees and bushes with his little helper.

Yard work is dirty business

 Addy went on several adventures in her thingamiger,

And enjoyed Saturday morning outings with Mom and Dad.

The last weekend of the month was spent celebrating Matt's Birthday. Addy and I made a cake for a little get together where "Dada's friend's" came over.

There goes another month! I'm praying that May treats us a little better and that all of us manage to stay healthy.

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