Tuesday, May 14, 2013

30 Weeks

We're less than 10 weeks away from D-day!

As of Sunday, I'm 30 weeks prego and beginning to feel like it's crunch time as far as baby projects go. 10 weeks isn't a long time when you have quilts and blankets to finish.

My symptoms this week have mostly been heartburn whenever I eat something spicy, or salty or sweet or tangy, or if I just look at food I start to get that uncomfortable feeling that's leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth all the time. Otherwise, I feel great and have been sleeping like a rock! But, even after a good night's sleep I usually wake up tired which is probably to be expected when you're carrying another human in your belly.

So here's the 30 week self portrait. My belly button has definitely "popped" and I'm starting to gain weight at rapid speeds (3 pounds in 4 days!!). I'd like to say it's all baby weight but my recent love for milkshakes might have something to do with it too. 

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Jessica Lynn said...

Thirty weeks already? Oh my gosh! You look fantastic, Katie!

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