Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5 Years and Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday was our 5th Wedding Anniversary.

To celebrate five years as husband and wife, Matt and I both woke up at six am. This was totally unplanned and very uncommon, but also super fun. We made coffee and enjoyed breakfast on the patio, admiring the grass that Matt had laid the night before. Since the little one didn't wake up until almost nine, we were able to have a nice long uninterrupted date in the comfort of our own home.  

When Addy did finally wake from her slumber, she was thrilled to play outside in her new backyard.

"I so cited have grass like Carcar!"

We've exchanged the traditional anniversary gifts every year and this year's gift was to be made out of wood. Since neither of us had time to carve up a piece of furniture, we stretched the wood perimeter a little; two bushes for Matt (the roots are made of wood right?) and a bird feeder that attracts Woodpeckers for me.

That night, we continued our anniversary celebration with "gourmet" hotdogs complete with homemade chipotle sauce on the patio. It was the perfect way to spend our special day, nothing fancy, super laid back and just our style.

The rest of the weekend was mostly spent in the backyard or at the pool. 

After asking to go over to Granmarie's house for weeks, Addy finally got to show off her moves from swim lessons in Granmarie's "big pool."

She also did a little golfing,

hosted a picnic,

and played and played and played, as she would say.

Who doesn't love a three day weekend spent with family and celebrating five years of love?

How did you spend the long weekend?

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Jessica Lynn said...

happy (belated) anniversary :)

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