Friday, June 21, 2013

One More Month!

We are officially one month away from my due date. One. Month. 

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

Phew! Pregnancy #2 is kicking my butt! Well, actually my ribs but it's all the same at this point right?

We're about four weeks away (maybe less? fingers crossed!) from meeting our little one and I think I've just about had enough of this pregnancy stuff. My body hurts. As soon as we've reached full term, there will be no reason to lolly gag; this baby can come out as soon as he or she is ready.

Swollen Feet

I hate to complain, but round two has been just a little bit tougher and I think that Matt, Addy and I are ready for this momma to at least be able to walk from one room to the other without moaning. And we are all pretty anxious to snuggle our little one and answer the big question: boy or girl?

Addy was asked twice at the grocery store today if she was getting a little brother or sister and both times her answer was different. We really have no idea what's rolling around in my belly. I don't have any motherly instincts that are pointing me one way or another, so either way, it will be a pleasant surprise.

My last appointment with the midwife was a good one. I only gained one pound since my previous appointment and she gave me a prescription for Zantac to relieve my heartburn and I am happy to say that it is working like a charm! Why didn't I ask for that sooner?!?

This heat has been pretty brutal but thankfully, I have great in laws with a pool who've been generous hosts in letting me and Addy spend our days swimming away! I also have a pretty awesome husband whose taken over the grocery shopping and some of the cooking to give me a break. What would I do without all these great people in my life?

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Eeeeee!!!! So close!

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