Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Heart Love Day (Part2)

Well, Valentine's Day 2010 is over and what a fun day it was! Like I said before, I love this day but it's not just because you can find pink stuff everywhere. Five years ago, on this great day of love, Matt asked me to be his girlfriend! We celebrate our wedding anniversary now, but it's still fun to think back on those days when our relationship was so new.

This Valentine's Day we did something a little bit different. Since it fell on a Sunday, we got to celebrate all weekend long. On Friday night we went on a triple date with my brother, his fiance, an old friend and her boyfriend. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants in Las Cruces, Lorenzo's, which I miss terribly. After dinner we stood in line to see the movie Valentine's Day.

(Those pesky bangs are still driving me nuts!)

The movie was great and it was so fun to spend time with good friends!

On Sunday I was able to cross another item off my list. Sadly, I admit that in the past I have been lacking in the creative department as far as gift giving goes, but this year I think I did a little bit better. It's all about the baby steps. :)

78) Write a love note

Isn't that a fun way to use conversation hearts? Definitely better than eating them, those things taste nasty! I wish I could take credit for such a cute idea but I actually found it on a fun blog called Love Actually. If you find yourself in need of romanitc but cheap ideas to show your love, check it out!

That's all for now. Hope you had an enjoyable Valentine's Day and President's Day, for you lucky ducks who had the day off!


Jessica Lynn said...

Awww, and my man asked me to be his wife on Valentine's Day!!

I love that love note :)

Perry said...

So creative

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