Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleep Deprivation

The upside of having Adelyne in the hospital for a week was that we were able to learn how to care for her through the helpful nurses and doctors and by the time we got home, she was on a great schedule. It was almost like we brought home a very reliable alarm clock that goes off every 3 hours... even at night.

2 O'clock in the morning isn't so bad with this cutie pie 

Feeding every three hours, changing diapers and consoling a fussy baby all hours of the night has left us a little sleep deprived. When we do manage to get a couple hours of shut eye in between feedings, we sleep hard. We've been sleeping so hard that we have both been a little delirious.

 This was after her 8 O'clock feeding. I think she is going to be a morning person

Just the other morning Matt got up carrying the pillow he sleeps with under his arm. Thinking it was Addy, he walked into the nursery and almost tucked the pillow into the crib. Thankfully the light was on and he came to his senses.

 So cute!

I woke up one night, walked over to Matt's side of the bed and told him I would take her. He kindly let me know that she was in her crib. Almost every time I get out of bed to go feed Addy, I feel like I am turning her over in the covers. The worst was probably when I heard her crying and thought I was holding her, but when I got up, I couldn't find her anywhere in the covers. I was frantically searching for her in between the sheets when I woke Matt up. Once again, he told me she was in her crib, which I didn't believe at first but wouldn't you know it, I walked into her room and there she was! Then I wondered how she got there.

 Little stinker

We're going to throw a small party when she drops her first feeding, after we make sure she is still breathing. Until then, I'm going to take a nap.

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