Thursday, April 24, 2014

Addy-isms {Volume 5}

It's getting harder and harder to keep up with the cute and funny things Addy says these days but I'm doing my best to get some of them down. We received Addy's 3 Year Photo Book in the mail the other day and it was so fun to read some of the things she had been saying alongside some of her photos. So, here is the latest edition of "Addy-sims:"

"Well, I was thinkin' about hooking my grocery cart up to my bike for my baby to ride in."

Addy pooped her pants then fell off the potty shortly after and hit her head on the tile. 
"That tile is so rough! I'm just having a rough day!"

Pretending to drink coffee straight from her coffee pot:
"My stomach hurts. That coffee didn't make my stomach happy it made my tummy sad."

"Mmm... smells like chocolate and chapstick!"

"Easter, easter easter!
It's all about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
It's all about JeeeeeeeSSSUUUUUSSSSSS!"

Riding her bike at the park, I could hear her singing this from the other side of the playground:
"Riding an orange bike, riding an orange bike, riding an orange bike...."

If you ask her what Remi should call her when he starts talking she'll answer with: "Silly goose."
She came up with that all on her own.

Oh ya know, just hanging out on top of her "castle" playing dress up for the first time and learning to chew gum. No big deal.

Friends at the zoo.

"I'm actually just going to sit here and take a little sun nap."


Strawberry milkshake after nap. She took two sips and decided she didn't like it. More for Momma.

Sweet girls at the zoo.

"So what's important when playing games? Having fun."

Wreck It Ralph Movie Night (I still have no idea what that movie is about)

First Blanket Fort

We just love our sweet girl and the way she loves to play.

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